MtGox Investigation

There was a creditor meeting in the MtGox case today. MtGox distributed a report to creditors and posted it on their website.

According to that report, the investigation on who stole all those bitcoins has been outsourced to some accounting firms. From the report:

V. Investigation of disappearance of BTC, etc.
I began investigation of the existing assets of the bankrupt entity, background behind the disappearance of BTC, etc. by delegating such work to Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC and ReEx Accounting Firm. Such investigation still continues now and the completion date is undetermined as of today. In addition, when I am requested by a public institution to cooperate with the investigation, I am conducting possible cooperation.

That is quite unbelievable. We have hundreds of millions of dollars worth of bitcoins stolen. And they ask some accountants to investigate? Why not the police?

Reminds me of the Japanese government letting TEPCO deal with the Fukushima accident instead of stepping in with 50,000 military personnel, as was done at Chernobyl.

It used to be a big deal in Japan when someone got away with a robbery of 300 million yen in 1968. The amount stolen in this case is higher by at least a factor of 100.

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