NEVIL Award for “Last Week”

Climate activist Dan Bloom has kindly awarded a “NEVIL” to my novel “Last Week”, available as a FREE PDF file here.

The “NEVIL” award is named after Nevil Shute, author of the novel “On the beach“, which is the best known of his 24 published novels. It is a book about everybody on the planet dying from radioactive fallout after a nuclear war, which may be an appropriate metaphor for global warming considering the possibility of Venus syndrome.

I recall that Jim Hansen seems to have changed his mind about that risk. So maybe it is less likely to happen than Germany beating Brazil by 7 to 1. But global warming is a potential human extinction risk, at least more so than nuclear war. And calling attention to that risk by writing novels is what I want to do.

I feel pleased and honored to be included in a list with Paolo Bacigalupi, who in contrast to me is a professional fiction writer who knows what he’s doing.

I have started a list titled Cli-Fi: Climate Change Fiction on Goodreads, and I have read and reviewed some efforts of other authors who write about climate change. But I have yet to find one climate change novel that actually proposes a solution to our little global warming problem that might just work. I am motivated in part by doing exactly that, and “Last Week” does propose a solution, like my other two global warming science fiction novels.

The other motivation is that I would like to scare readers, since humans are by nature not suited to understand the enormity of this risk. See this 2012 post titled “Don’t Fear the Raptor” for a more detailed explanation of that point.

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