Last Week Cover

I did the cover for my global warming Bitcoin novel “Last Week”. Here it is:


Of course I needed to use “Royal Blue” as the font color for this project. I am talking about Princess Angel here.

With that decided, white seems to work best as a background color.

I got my cover picture again (like with my previous novel Tasneem) from for less than 2,000 yen, and I feel quite satisfied with the large collection of women with sunglasses they offered. I finally settled for this one. The reason is that I think this would probably look halfway decent even when reduced down in size to a Twitter avatar icon. I am changing my icon from the cover of Tasneem to this, so that was an important consideration.

Here is the back cover text:

Princess Angel came with a time machine from 2323. Her mission is to tell humanity how horribly global warming has played out.

She has a hard time convincing people that her story is true. But she does meet a guy called Satoshi Nakamoto early on.

Will she be able to get her voice heard in time? Or will humanity just ignore her?


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