Part 51 of my third global warming science fiction novel “Last Week”. Link to Part 1: “Back To Paradise Era”.

Tuesday, May 23, 2023, 3:21 P.M.

“I have great news,” Satoshi said. “The Fund has reached $1 trillion.”

“That’s rather good for only three months of activity,” Angel said. “How much oil have you bought?”

“I could get only about one billion barrels. I still have a much larger percentage of cash in the fund than I would like,” Satoshi said. “But it does have an impact on the market already. Oil is up by about $50 compared to February.”

“So, with one billion barrels, that gives the Fund a profit of $50 billion for its first three months?”

“Not exactly. I wasn’t able to buy everything at the rock bottom price of $250 a barrel recorded in February.”

“But you’re still up?”

“Of course I am. There’s no way anyone could lose money investing in the 24th Century Princess Angel Fund.”

“How do you store all the oil you are taking from the market?”

“Easy. I have bought quite a lot of unconventional oil still buried in the ground at the Canadian tar sands from my good friend John Baker. He has seen the light. His announcement of stopping production at the Canadian tar sands for one day in your honor has raised oil prices by $10 a barrel. He immediately understood that it would be good for his business to do more of the same,” Satoshi explained.

“So you are buying oil in the ground. That solves that storage problem, of course.”

“Yes. But there’s still a lot of heavy oil out there in those tar sands. People estimate it at about 1.7 trillion barrels.”

“You’ll never be able to buy 80 percent of that,” Angel said.

“Of course not. But as I said, John Baker has seen the light. I don’t need to buy everything. It is enough if the other owners of fossil fuel understand that they can make more money by selling less. Non Standard Oil stock has gone up quite a lot as well in the last three months. John Baker got another extra bonus for that.”

“What happened to Senator Nutt? Is she still opposing all climate legislation?”

“Of course not. She does whatever John Baker wants her to do. And, as it happens, he wants legislation now that requires oil companies to decrease their production each year. So as to leave more of the valuable resources to future generations. That’s their explanation, at least. They don’t dare to admit that they’ve been wrong on global warming just yet. Of course the real reason is that Non Standard Oil has found out that they will make more profit if they reduce their production,” Satoshi said.

“One other thing I need to tell you,” Angel said.


“Remember all that 24th Century sex we had in my first last week?”

“Of course. It was extremely hot,” Satoshi said.

“Remember that we didn’t bother using condoms, because I would be dead in a week anyway?”

“You mean…”

“Exactly. Congratulations. You scored yourself a hit there. You’ll be a father soon,” Angel said, smiling.

“That’s great news!” Satoshi smiled back and gave Angel a hug. Then he got down on his knees.

“Your Majesty, Princess Angel! Will you consider marrying this common guy before you? It would be a great honor for me.”

“Yes. Though there is nothing to consider. I’m all for it.”

“Okay, that’s settled. Let’s get it done immediately.”

So they got themselves married. Then they completely dropped off the grid.

Satoshi left the day to day running of the 24th Century Princess Angel Fund to someone else, only discussing business by anonymously routed mail from time to time. He used still the same PGP key as in his early Bitcoin network days.

The Fund had started in February to invest one percent of its value into research on asteroid deflection. With Satoshi gone again there was no need to keep the government out. Many governments took part in the collective effort. There were already seven fairly good and six completely crazy ideas on how to do it floated in May.

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