Waking Up

Part 50 of my third global warming science fiction novel “Last Week”. Link to Part 1: “Back To Paradise Era”.

Tuesday, February 21, 2023, 10:12 A.M.

“Good morning, Angel.”
“Good morning.”
“See? You’re still my Princess. Are you going back to work?”
“Not today. I have another week of vacation left.”
They had slept late, after they had made sure that Princess Angel was really only a memory now. Now they were having breakfast together.
“Do you still have all your memories about how horrible global warming will play out?”
“I sure do. But I know now that they are not real memories. Even with Khalmorot’s alien technology, time travel can’t be done. So everything I thought was fact is only prediction. Of course, these are predictions done with far superior technology, and by aliens who had the experience of torching their own planet, but they are still only predictions.”
“And of course all of that will change now anyway. The 24th Century Princess Angel Fund will work as a solution. How about Moros 27? Is that prediction true?”
“I think it is. I think Khalmorot really has located that rock 300 years in advance, and the warning is real. We have a lot of detail on that, in the Glaring Glasses information databases. That will be the more difficult thing to solve. It won’t be enough to stop our irresponsible use of fossil fuel.”
“I’m going after oil first,” Satoshi said. “Coal will be next.”
“We need cars to stop burning fossil fuel. Just like trains. People have stopped burning coal for running trains in the last Century. We need to do the same for cars and trucks. That means increasing the price of oil, not coal.”
“What about air travel? You can’t run airplanes on electricity,” Angel said.
“You told me the solution already. Remember? In your World, everything has switched to airships. We need to get that done fast.”
“Want to hear about how it has worked out in my memory of the future?” Angel said.
“All air travel over land will be replaced by high speed trains. They can go about half of the speed of a jet. And they depart and arrive right in the center of the cities because they don’t need large airports. People who want to cross the oceans will need a couple of days’ time to do so, but they get much more space in return,” Angel explained
“I see.”
“Airships will get the market for transporting cargo first. They will be faster than ships and able to reach inland destinations, but much cheaper than jets or helicopters.”
“Anyway, the market will work that out one way or another,” Satoshi said. “All we need to do is get the price of oil up.”
“And what about Moros 27?” Angel said. “How are we going to solve that problem?”
“I don’t know,” Satoshi said. “What would you suggest?”
“I don’t know either,” Angel said.
“Okay. Listen. We’ll start out with something obvious. I’ll make it one of the official goals of the 24th Century Princess Angel Fund to deflect that rock.”
“That’s a good idea,” Angel said. “I got another one.”
“Which would be?”
“We should start studying the problem. People of course have been working on this kind of question before. But now it’s a real world problem. If we don’t find a solution, the whole planet gets torched in 2327.”
“Makes sense to me,” Satoshi said. “We probably also should start working together with some government agencies. Countering this kind of threat would seem to be a good use of taxpayer money.”
“We would need to convince the government that the threat is serious first. We should give them all our information,” Angel said.
“Careful with that. They might want to confiscate the Glaring Glasses.”
“If it comes to that, would you want to transfer root authority?”
“No. I’m afraid it would be abused. Now that you mention it, I think it would be a good idea to avoid talking to the government.”

Link to part 51: Proposal

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