Last Week’s End

Part 49 of my third global warming science fiction novel “Last Week”. Link to Part 1: “Back To Paradise Era”.

Tuesday, February 21, 2023, 3:07 A.M.

“Ten. Nine. Eight.” Satoshi did the countdown. Angel just listened, leaning her head on his body, feeling safe in his arms.

“Seven. Six. Five.” She still didn’t believe Satoshi. There was no way she wasn’t really Princess Angel from the 24th Century.

“Four. Three. Two. One.” Satoshi had finished the countdown. It was exactly two weeks after Princess Angel had appeared in the 21st Century World.


“Do you feel the change?” Satoshi said.



“You were right. I’m not a Princess. My name is Thusnelda Sneeze. I’m a common girl. I work in a book store right here in New York.”

“You remembered all of that right in this moment?”

“Exactly. It’s been two weeks since I came from the 24th Century. I mean, since Khalmorot made me think I’d came from the 24th Century. I remember now how he explained the whole mission to me.”

“What did he explain?”

“He told me that I’d had won some kind of lottery. That was weird, since I didn’t remember buying any lottery tickets. Anyway, he asked me if I would like to live for two weeks as a Princess. I agreed. Then I took a vacation at my job, told everyone I’d be in Waikiki for three weeks, and went with Khalmorot to the New York Stock exchange. He hypnotized me right there, and from that moment on I always thought I was Princess Angel.”

“Amazing, isn’t it?”

“It sure is.”

“Do you remember about us?”

“Of course. I remember everything. Especially our last couple of hours waiting for the final change. That was really hot! You’ll still call me ‘Princess Angel’?”

“Of course I will. As I said, you will always be my pretty Princess from the 24th Century. Nothing will ever change that.”

They had spent every second right until the last minute practicing 24th Century sex. Satoshi figured it might be the last chance he got. And he certainly was not going to leave Angel alone for the last couple of hours, as last week.

Of course he knew that Angel wouldn’t just disappear. She would just change, back to a common girl. Maybe she would even remember everything she had learned in her alternative life as a Princess in the 24th Century. Including her 24th Century sex.

But he wasn’t sure about that. That was at least his excuse to get Angel willing for one last really long session. Not that such an excuse was necessary, though.

“It’s strange. I remember all of my life in the 24th Century. Just like I would remember a series of good books. But I know now that it’s all just a fantasy, written by Khalmorot and planted into my brain with his alien technology. I remember my own life now as well, and I know which one was real and which one was just an illusion.”

“And, in real life, do you care about global warming?”

“Actually, yes. I do care about that. I’ve been involved in the campaign for close to a decade right now. Hearing from John Baker that he’ll stop production at the Canadian tar sands in my honor was very sweet. I mean, it is, when I am looking back right now. We all hated losing that fight against the Keystone pipeline.”

“How do you like the Buy & Hoard solution?”

“I think it will work.”

“I think so as well. We’ve already got the first 10 trillion dollars committed. There are a lot of private funds trying to get a piece of this.”

“Ten trillion? That’s a lot of money,” Angel said.

“It is. It sure is. I must admit it. We could buy forty billion barrels of oil with that at present prices of $250 a barrel.”

“Are you going to do that?”

“I’m not sure. It would be rather difficult, I guess. There’s not enough oil on the market for that kind of deal. It’s more than a year’s worth of World consumption.”

“You would also have trouble storing so much.”

“We would. But anyway, we’ll start slowly. Buy a billion barrels here, a billion barrels there, and before we know it we’re talking about amounts that have a real impact on the market. Maybe John Baker will just sell us some of the oil that’s still in the ground in the Canadian tar sands. That would solve our storage problem right there.”

“Are you going to invest some more in the Fund as well?”

“Of course I will. Those four billions were just for starters. I’ll put my money where my mouth is. I’ll keep a couple of billion in bitcoins, for sentimental reasons, but I think it is quite clear that Khalmorot wants me to invest most of my money right here.”

“So, this is the point where I get all insecure about your enormous wealth and leave you. I’m no Princess. I’m just a common girl. You can’t possibly find anything in me, can you?”

“I can’t let you leave me.”

“Why not?”

“You know my identity. You have seen my face. You promised me to keep my secret, remember? How could I ever feel secure about that if I don’t have you around me every day?”

“You wouldn’t mind if I stay?”

“Of course I wouldn’t mind. I told you, remember? I don’t give a damn. You’re still my pretty Princess Angel, as far as I’m concerned.”

“I will never be able to match her optimism. And her way of talking down to people. I’m sorry. I really am.”

“That’s okay. I’ll probably miss that a little bit. But you’re just a common girl, so it would be unreasonable to expect from you acting like a Princess. Maybe you can practice acting a bit. Might make a nice little scenario for 24th Century sex, now that I come to think of it.”

“Yes. I’m just a normal girl.”

“And I’m just a normal guy. Just like you, I got lucky I got to meet Khalmorot.”

Link to part 50: Waking Up

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