Explaining the Truth

Part 44 of my third global warming science fiction novel “Last Week”. Link to Part 1: “Back To Paradise Era”.

“… alive for another week.” Angel finished the sentence she had started as Khalmorot arrived. She moved her hand with the fork again.

“You sure are,” Satoshi said. “By the way, did you just notice Khalmorot speaking to me?”

“What? Have you thought of another crazy story to entertain your Princess?”

“No. Khalmorot was just here. He looked like a Catholic bishop. You didn’t see him at all?”

“Of course not. I was minding my own business, taking another bite of Paradise Era food, enjoying the fact that I am still alive in the best of all ages. What are you talking about?”

“Well, he put you under some kind of hypnosis. Your body became completely rigid. You stopped talking mid-sentence. It was rather weird. You remember nothing about that?”

“No. But I wouldn’t remember, would I?”

“I guess not,” Satoshi said.

“So what did he want? I mean, if that’s actually true and not just a nice little story?”

“He explained something about the time machine. It’s actually not real.”

“What? But that’s impossible. I know exactly that I have lived all my life as a Princess in the 24th Century. You still don’t believe me?”

“Think about it. You always said that if your mission succeeds, that will kill your father, the Emperor, and all the other people in your world. They would never be born.”

“Yes. I sure have.”

“So, what makes you think you would be born? Without your father, there is no way you could exist. There would be no Angel to board the time machine in 2323.”

“Maybe that’s the reason I only have one last week to live. What do I know about how time machines work? It’s all alien wizardry.”

“Maybe. That might explain it. You don’t believe that the time machine is not real?”

“No. I’m sorry. I really am. But I can’t believe that my whole life until now hast not been real.”

“Actually, that isn’t real either. I already told you so. Once your second last week is over next Tuesday, you will recall that you are really Thusnelda Sneeze, the common girl working as a clerk in a book store. You still don’t believe me?”

“No. That story is completely ridiculous. Who would ever believe such a thing?”

“You do believe that Khalmorot is an alien?”

“Of course. I have the Glaring Glasses. Humans could not build them, even in the 24th Century. And he gave us the time machine. Humans could not build that either.”

“He told me where he came from.”

“What? Where was that?”


“Right from next door?”

“Yes. There was intelligent life on Venus a couple of hundred million years ago. But they burnt all their fossil fuel and started a runaway global warming feedback loop.”

“Is he alone? Are there any other aliens on Earth?”

“There must be plenty. He is running this weird television show. The HEAT GAMES. He said that he’s been hypnotizing our leaders into burning all the fossil fuel for the past couple of centuries. His television show is quite the hit with his people. They kind of like seeing us fall in the same trap they fell in.”

“You expect me to believe that? It doesn’t make any sense.”

“In contrast to the story of a Princess from the 24th Century coming back with a time machine. That is of course only common sense,” Satoshi said.

“Of course it is. You can say what you want. I know I’m Princess Angel from the 24th Century.”

“You sure are,” Satoshi said. “For me, you’ll always be my pretty Princess. Whatever happens, nothing can change that.”

“So, if this Khalmorot alien guy has been causing global warming, why would he want us to stop it now?”

“Moros 27. That part is real. That may mean trouble even for these very powerful aliens. He needs humanity to do something about that threat. After two hundred million years, he’s not sure if their spaceship will take off. It’s a big spaceship.”

“Where is it?”

“What we know as Mount Fuji in Japan is actually their spaceship. If Moros 27 hits Japan directly that would be somewhat inconvenient for them.”

“It would kill them?”

“Probably not. They come from Venus. He said they are well adapted to high temperatures. A couple of centuries of rock vapor blanketing the Earth would not kill them. But they might lose their spaceship. And they would lose us, and all other life.”

“Why would they care?”

“We provide their entertainment. Earth would become a very boring planet.”

“That was a very good story. I don’t believe one bit of it, of course,” Angel said, smiling. “I don’t know about humans entertaining aliens. But you sure have managed to entertain me. How about some coffee?”

Link to part 45: Satoshi Nakamoto is Back!


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