A Modest $4 Billion Investment

Part 42 of my third global warming science fiction novel “Last Week”. Link to Part 1: “Back To Paradise Era”.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 18 2023 9:17 A.M.

“So, let’s get this World-saving business done now.”

“Yes. I think I’ll start slowly today. Maybe invest the first four billion dollars of my money in setting up the Buy & Hoard fund trustee company,” Satoshi said.

“Is that difficult to do?”

“It is, if I want to sell shares to the public. I need to file a lot of paperwork and get approval for that. I’ll have my lawyer do that for me, of course.”

“You have a lawyer?”

“No. I’ve been able to steer clear of lawyers until now. One of the benefits of telling no one about my money. But I’m sure I’ll find someone who can handle some routine paperwork like that,” Satoshi said.

“So, what do you need to do?”

“First I need to set up a company. Mind if I call it the ’24th Century Angel Fund’? I would like to keep your name permanently in it. Just to remind me of you, once you’re gone next Tuesday.”

“Go ahead. I don’t need to worry about the publicity. I’ll be gone soon, if you are right. And you probably are.”

“So, that’s settled. I’ll set up a company with that name and fund it with $4 billion, for starters. I’m not sure if that will be enough to have any influence on fossil fuel prices, though.”

“It probably won’t be enough to do much. But it’s a good start.”

“Do you have any idea how much money all the oil reserves left are worth?” Satoshi asked. He had never researched these issues before.

“Of course. They’re worth around $250 trillion at 250 dollars a barrel right now, with about one trillion barrels left. That’s only common sense.”

Angel had done her homework preparing for her mission to the 21st Century.

“So, $4 billion would be less than 1 percent of that amount. It won’t be enough to move the market in any way,” Satoshi said.

“Of course. You’ll need to attract other investors. Show the business case, start the positive feedback loop. There’s over $200 trillion in assets in the global fund management industry.” Angel really had done her homework.

Satoshi searched a bit on the Internet and found a large law firm specializing in securities regulation. He phoned them.

“Hi. I need to set up a $4 billion commodity fund. Would you be interested in assisting me with that task?”

They were interested. As well they should be, with that kind of money involved. He set up a meeting with one of their partners for later that morning. Then he checked his mail and transferred $40,000 as a first payment to the Bitcoin address the law firm had indicated in their mail.

“Are you coming to the meeting?” Satoshi said.

“Yes. I’ll grant your lawyers the honor of my visit,” Angel said.

“There’s only one problem.”


“To found such a company, I need to give them my identity. I need to come out.”

“So, you’ll present them with a passport in the name of Satoshi Nakamoto?”

“No. That’s not my real name, of course. I’ll show them a passport with my real name.”

“What is your real name?”

“You don’t need to know. I’d like you to keep calling me ‘Satoshi’, if you don’t mind.”

“That’s okay with me.”

“I’ll keep calling you ‘Angel’ as well, once you’re back to your real identity as Thusnelda Sneeze.”

“That’s very kind of you. Of course you will. I am not Thusnelda Sneeze. I am Angel, a real Princess from the 24th Century.”

“You sure are. As far as I’m concerned, you’ll stay my pretty Princess from the 24th Century until the end of time,” Satoshi said. “Now, let’s announce the news to the World. As you said, we need to find some investors to get this fund to the necessary scale. Watch.”

Satoshi navigated to the dashboard of the Angel 2323 blog and started typing a post announcing the new fund.

“Hello World, it’s Satoshi.

“As you know, our little problem of global warming is easily solved by the concept of Buy & Hoard.

“Buy & Hoard means buying up fossil fuel resources and keeping them off the market. That will increase fossil fuel prices, guaranteeing trillions of dollars of profits for the investors involved. And it will accelerate the transition to renewable energy, which is inevitable anyway. It will accelerate the process enough to keep global warming way down compared to a business as usual scenario. We’ll have plenty of resources left to start deflecting the Moros 27 asteroid that’s headed our way. And there is no need for any legislation or international Treaty to pull it off.

“Someone should start working on this idea. That someone is me. I’m just an ordinary guy who happens to be the World’s richest person. I don’t know anything about funds. So I just set up a meeting with some lawyers to invest a modest $4 billion in kickstarting this fund.

“It will be like the first bitcoins fund. You may know that it was set up in 2013. For the first time, anybody could easily buy some bitcoins just like any other investment. No more hassles with international wire transfers. No more headaches about storage or worries about getting your bitcoins stolen by some hacker or other.

“Once my fund is up and running, it will be exactly the same for oil. Anybody will be able to buy a barrel of oil, and keep it in the ground for the next couple of decades, to contribute to the price hike humanity needs. Leave the hassle of actually buying the oil and the trouble of storing the oil safely to the fund. And note that the price hike that will save the World from runaway global warming and Moros 27 will be also good news for the financial health of our investors.

“Anybody who missed out on buying bitcoins early on, here is your second chance. Oil prices will take off if our fund gets to scale. It’s just common sense. Do something for the planet, and get rich in the process. Who could argue with that?

“I have decided to name this fund the ‘24th Century Princess Angel Fund’, in honor of Princess Angel, who was willing to give her life in a suicide time travel mission back to our World to warn us of global warming and the Moros 27 asteroid. It is a small gesture of gratitude for her willingness to sacrifice her life for the mission.”

Satoshi finished typing.

“How does that sound to you?” he asked.

“You sure know how to treat Royalty properly. Thank you.”

Satoshi clicked the “publish” button.

Link to part 43: Heat Games.

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