Reading Satoshi’s Mind

Part 39 of my third global warming science fiction novel “Last Week”. Link to Part 1: “Back To Paradise Era”.

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 17 2023 10:32 A.M.

“I still can’t make up my mind,” Satoshi said.

“We discussed it all afternoon yesterday,” Angel said.

“I know. But it’s really difficult. I can’t even explain exactly how I feel about it.”

“So we’re stuck? I guess we could just proceed with the mission without Satoshi Nakamoto coming out and officially endorsing Buy & Hoard.”

“I’ve got an idea.”


“Remember how I put the Glaring Glasses in mind-reading mode just before we had sex for the first time? How I read your state of mind?”

“I sure remember when we had sex the first time,” Angel said, smiling. “It was great. You have talent.”

“So, let’s reverse the roles. Take a look at my state of mind right now. Maybe that will help me decide.”

Satoshi handed the Glaring Glasses to Angel, after setting them up for Angel to read his mind. Angel put them on. It was the first time she had used the Glaring Glasses on Satoshi in mind-reading mode. She immediately understood his inner conflict.

He hated the idea of drawing the attention of every crook on the planet. And of being chased by paparazzi for the rest of his life. Angel understood that part very well. She knew from her life as a Princess what it meant to always need security and to always run and hide from the media.

But, probing deeper, Angel also understood that he wanted to move the World again. He understood the threats. Global warming. Moros 27. He cared about these threats, even if he himself would be perfectly safe from them. He would always be able to live a great life with his bitcoins wealth, even if many others would die from hunger and wars. And he would never live long enough to personally see the asteroid impact in 2327. But still he cared.

And he wanted to follow Khalmorot’s suggestion. It was Khalmorot’s idea in the first place to drop off the map in the early stages of the Bitcoin network project. That had served Satoshi very well until now. He didn’t want to act against Khalmorot’s will.

But then again, what did Khalmorot want now? Last time he had spoken to Satoshi he said that he wanted global warming and the asteroid stopped. And he had directed Satoshi to the McDonald’s last week to meet Angel. Maybe the whole point of making Satoshi the richest person in the World was Khalmorot’s plan, so that he could come out and help right now. It was not very clear, but it would make sense that way.

And then there was Angel. She could clearly see that Satoshi wanted to help with the mission because he loved her. But this part was hazy. The Glaring Glasses blocked some information about her. She understood that Satoshi had set them up that way. He had root access now, and was able to block part of his mind from her.

Angel took the Glaring Glasses off and handed them back to Satoshi.

“Your path is really not very clear. Much of it depends on what you think Khalmorot wants. That’s the key question.”

“Yes. I guess it is.”

“And I think the answer is that you should come out now. He clearly set me up with the time machine and my mission to your World. He clearly asked you to meet me when I arrived. And yesterday he gave you the Wise Vampire warning. I think it’s fair to say that he wants you to do everything in your power to succeed.”

“Fair enough,” Satoshi said. “Okay. I’ll come out. But I’ll still stay in the background, so that I can drop off the radar under one of my identities again once the mission is finished. That means no more public appearances together. I’m not doing any interviews or television. I’ll give the World my name, but not my face.”

“But that’s impossible. Sooner or later, someone will get a picture. It must be worth a fortune to the first person who gets one.”

“It’s easy. I’ll post a picture with my first blog post. It will be completely fake, of course. I’ve got software that starts out with my real face and then changes it, simulating plastic surgery. I have lots of faces ready for just such a purpose,” Satoshi explained, smiling. “I’ve been in the business of establishing fake identities for a long time.”

“I see. But will anybody believe you? I mean, I have proof that I’m a Princess from the 24th Century. The Glaring Glasses are proof of that for anyone who gets to see them. What proof do you have? Anybody could claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto on a blog.”

“That’s easy. I’m the only one with the PGP key.”

“What’s PGP?”

“Pretty Good Privacy. It’s a signing standard popular in our World. You didn’t read about it for your mission?”

“No. I know lots of crazy things about your World, but that isn’t one of them.”

“Anyway, that will be conclusive proof. Even more conclusive than in your case, if I may say so,” Satoshi said, smiling.

“So, let’s get this show started.”

Angel navigated to her blog dashboard and started typing.

“Hello Humanity.

“You may think I’m dead. I thought I’d be dead by now. I really did. But it seems I was wrong about that after all. Even your Princess Angel from the 24th Century is wrong sometimes.

“Anyway, I have changed my mind about leaving you to deal with the threats of global warming and Moros 27 on your own. For your benefit, I have decided to come back from the dead and help you some more to solve these little problems. You can start clapping and cheering and celebrating right now.

“The solution is of course already out there. Buy & Hoard. It’s just a question now of how quickly it will be adopted.

“To help with that, let me introduce a new guest blogger to Angel_2323. Some of you may have heard of him. He’s a guy called Satoshi Nakamoto.”

Angel clicked on the “publish” button.

“Wow, that was embarrassing. I hate the fact that I had to admit I was wrong about my impending death. People don’t lie in my World. Remember the Fifth Commandment? ‘Don’t damage your reputation’? I wonder if they will now believe that I was actually dead and resurrected. I would, of course, like very much to explain to them what actually happened. But I have no idea myself, so I can’t even do that.”

“Yes,” Satoshi agreed. “We have no idea. It can’t be helped.”

Of course he knew exactly what had happened. But he was not going to tell anybody just now.

“Your turn,” Angel said.


Satoshi grabbed the laptop computer Angel had been using and started typing his first blog post.

“Hello World.

“This is Satoshi Nakamoto. Many of you may have heard of me. I was involved in the early stages of the Bitcoin network development. I’ll sign this post with my PGP key. You’ll know that I’m no fake.

“I’ll even give you a picture, though it is about twenty years old, taken before I even became involved in the Bitcoin network. I look somewhat different today.”

Satoshi uploaded a random file from a directory containing lots of pictures of young men around 20 years of age. None of them looked in any way like him, or any person who actually existed. Then he continued typing.

“You already know the solution to global warming. It’s Buy & Hoard. Angel has explained it here.

“I know a thing or two about the financially beneficial effects of hoarding. When I dropped out of the Bitcoin project, I had mined and bought 900,000 bitcoins. I still have around 770,000 left.

“That makes me the World’s richest person. I intend to put 99% of those funds into the Buy & Hoard fund I am going to set up over the next couple of days.

“This will start a positive feedback loop, as Angel has already explained. People buying a piece of this action early will see some very healthy returns on their investment.

“It will be exactly like buying bitcoins early on.

“Stay tuned. I’ll announce details on how to invest in Buy & Hoard later on this blog.

“One other thing.

“This warning from Princess Angel is serious business. Global warming really is the most dangerous crisis humanity has ever faced. And we really need to get that resolved quickly and start working on our asteroid deflection technology, or Earth will get fried anyway in 2327. It’s not enough to solve global warming. We need to solve it quickly, and efficiently, to have enough resources left to deal with the even greater threat.

“This situation calls for a declaration of war. And that’s what I’m going to do right now.

“I declare the ‘Hot War’. On one side, humanity. On the other, global warming and Moros 27.

“We need to start an all-out effort to win this war. We need to start it now. And everyone needs to chip in to the Buy & Hoard fund, and get rich in the process of solving global warming.”

Satoshi hit the ‘publish’ button.

“That should do for the moment,” he said. “Now, what would you like for lunch?”

Link to part 40: Second Last Week

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