Hot War on Global Warming

Part 38 of my third global warming science fiction novel “Last Week”. Link to Part 1: “Back To Paradise Era”.


“That didn’t go too well,” Satoshi said.

“Why not?”

“The Glaring Glasses didn’t work on John Baker. The whole meeting was a complete failure.”

“No. We have found one way that doesn’t work as a solution. It would have been too simple anyway. And it’s important to know that he won’t submit to the power of the Glaring Glasses. We found that out. That’s progress,” Angel said.

“But he still doesn’t believe your story.”

“I’m not so sure about that. I don’t think he needs an expert to tell him that the Glaring Glasses are far beyond what can be done with 21st Century technology. He sounded quite impressed.”

“Yes. He sure did. He’d probably love to steal those Glaring Glasses from us.”

“But he knows now that they won’t do him any good. I think that brief lesson was enough to drive home the point. So that’s progress again. We won’t have to worry about his security people trying to rob us,” Angel said.

“Yes. That’s probably true.”

“So, what do you recommend for lunch?”

They were sitting in one of Satoshi’s favorite restaurants, which served Austrian cuisine.

“You must try the Wiener schnitzel. That’s definitely one thing you need to eat before you die. Since you could die any moment now, there’s absolutely not a second to lose in your most important mission of working through all the great food of the Paradise Era. Have you heard of it before?”

“No. I’ve looked at lots of Wikipedia pages studying the great dishes of your World, but that was not among them.”

“It’s the national dish of Austria. Take a piece of veal, clobber it until it is very thin, and then deep-fry it with bread crumbs. Delicious, I assure you. You need to drink a Radler with it,” Satoshi said.

“What’s that? I have never heard of that either.”

“It’s beer mixed with soda-pop. An excellent match for Wiener schnitzel, I can tell you. It’s a good thing you still don’t need to worry about gaining weight.”

“I’m not so sure about that any more. I might have longer than a week left to live. I might even need to start worrying about keeping in shape,” Angel said. “But anyway, I won’t worry about that right now. I still think I may drop dead anytime.”

“So, let’s discuss our World-saving business a little more. I need to know if I have to come out as the World’s richest person. It would be most inconvenient. I would hate to do it. They would probably give me some stupid Nobel prize. You told me as much already.”

“I’m not sure. It probably could be done without revealing it. But you would need to move a lot of money, and that is not easily done without a name attached in your World,” Angel said.

“Anyway, if I need to come out, I would of course need to have some serious security in place. Every crook on the planet would try to get at my money. And all the paparazzi would be chasing me. It might take some time to set that up correctly.”

“Actually, maybe not. You can come out as Satoshi Nakamoto, and still live in an undisclosed location under a different name. We could set you up as a guest blogger on the Angel_2323 blog. You could post there for all the public and official announcements, and still hide from the World,” Angel said. “You did something like that when you started the Bitcoin network project in the first place, remember?”

“That might be an idea,” Satoshi said. “If you let me post on your blog, my first post will be to declare the beginning of the Hot War era.”

“Hot war? What’s that supposed to mean?”

“We need an all-out effort, don’t we? There was this period in the 20th Century called the Cold War. It was a conflict between the Soviet Union and the United States of America that could have started a global thermonuclear war at any time, but fortunately fell just short of actually doing so. Very serious stuff.”


“So, the ‘Hot War’ label means we need to devote at least as many resources to the fight against global warming as people devoted to the military in that ‘Cold War’ era. This is not the time to waste money on weapons, or conflicts with other humans. Not with Moros 27 coming closer every day. Humanity needs to unite all their efforts against the real security threat,” Satoshi explained.

“That might be an interesting idea.”

“And I’ll also declare my unconditional support for you,” Satoshi said. “I’ll let the World know that you’re really a Princess on a suicide mission to save the World from global warming and from Moros 27. Coming from the World’s richest person, that should carry some weight. At the very least it should help in getting some more pageviews for your blog.”

The food arrived, together with the Radlers. Angel forgot again for some time about her mission to save the World from global warming, and the asteroid impact and got back to her most important mission. Having a good time in the Paradise Era. She found that Satoshi had been right. The Wiener schnitzel was excellent.

“I’m extremely lucky that I get some more time to live,” Angel said, savoring the dish slowly. “I really am.”

Link to part 39: Reading Satoshi’s Mind

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