John Baker on the Solar Cross

Part 37 of my third global warming science fiction novel “Last Week”. Link to Part 1: “Back To Paradise Era”.


WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 16 2023 10:15 A.M.

“I am sorry. Do you have an appointment? He is in a meeting until noon.”

“I see. Phone him immediately and tell him that he needs to interrupt the meeting and wait for me. I will arrive at the Non Standard Oil building around 11.”

“Who do you think you are? You can’t just order around the CEO of Non Standard Oil like that,” John Baker’s assistant said.

“I’m Angel, the Princess from the 24th Century. John Baker knows me. I need to tell him what to do about global warming,” Angel said. She had phoned Non Standard Oil to set up a meeting.

“Oh, the pretty Princess. I’ve heard about you. Aren’t you supposed to be dead by now?”

“Yes. I expected to be dead. I am not, though. So I will grant John Baker the great honor of my visit, even though he probably doesn’t deserve it. Around 11. Tell him to wait for me.” Angel cut the phone connection without waiting for a reaction.

“Okay, let’s get going,” Angel said. “Please call a cab. An electric vehicle. I don’t want to keep John Baker waiting too long. Take the Glaring Glasses with you, we might need them.”


“We are here to meet John Baker,” Satoshi said, activating the Glaring Glasses for a moment.

The security guards at the Non Standard Oil building handed them visitor badges and let them through immediately.

They would not have done so without the Glaring Glasses. Satoshi was wearing a surgical mask with his Glasses. He didn’t want security cameras at Non Standard Oil recording his face.

They entered an elevator and rode to the 70th floor, where John Baker’s office was located. It took a couple of moments to get there.

They went right into the personal assistant’s room. He looked at them, surprised that anyone would show up without an appointment. This was not standard procedure. John Baker needed serious security. People didn’t just walk into his office unannounced.

“Who are you and what do you want?” he asked.

“We phoned earlier. I’m Princess Angel. Did you tell your boss to wait for me?”

“Of course not. Again, who do you think you are?”

Satoshi activated the Glaring Glasses again for a moment. They worked.

The assistant grabbed his telephone. A moment later he said: “I am very sorry, Mr. Baker, but Princess Angel is in your office right now. She has ordered me to notify you of her presence, and call you back to this office.”

A moment later.

“Mr. Baker will meet you in a couple of minutes, Your Majesty. Can I get something for you? Some tea or coffee?”

“I’ll have a cup of coffee, please,” Angel said.

“Me too,” Satoshi said.

John Baker came into the office. The meeting room had not been far away. He was irritated about the strange behavior of his assistant. How could he talk to him in that way? That had never happened before. If this Angel character was really in his office, he needed to check her out.

“You must be John Baker.”

“Yes. Pleased to meet you. You are the pretty Princess from the 24th Century?”

“Of course I am. You know that.”

“And who is your companion over there? Why is he masked like that?”

“He is not important. Never mind about him.”

“How come you’re not dead? You told everyone you would be dead by yesterday morning,” John Baker asked.

“Actually, I have no idea. I thought I only had a week. That’s what I was told when I started my suicide mission to your World from the 24th Century. Obviously, it didn’t work that way. Maybe I’ll disappear later. Maybe I’ll disappear right in this office, right before your eyes, while we’re discussing my mission.”

“So, what do you want?”

“It’s very simple. I order you to stop production at the Canadian tar sands immediately.”


“Are you too stupid to understand such a simple order? I told you that you need to stop oil production at the Canadian tar sands right now.”

“I understood you all right,” John Baker said, frowning. “Who do you think you are, ordering me around like that?”

Angel didn’t answer. She looked at Satoshi. He understood and activated the Glaring Glasses. A very brief flash of green pulsating light hit John Baker right in the eyes.

“You don’t understand?” Angel said.

“What is there to understand? Obviously you are no Princess, and not from the 24th Century. How stupid do you think I am? That whole story is just a simple publicity stunt. It’s kind of fun. I have to admit. So I have followed the story. But please don’t expect me to believe it.”

“Thank you. I needed to know. I do now,” Angel said, looking at Satoshi. They both understood that the Glaring Glasses didn’t work on John Baker either.

“I have no idea what you are talking about,” John Baker said.

“Of course. You can’t know. So, let me tell you what will happen if you refuse to stop production at the Canadian tar sands,” Angel said.

“Since you are with the environmental terrorists, you’ll probably tell me some fairy tale about global warming,” John Baker said, smiling. He was starting to feel at ease. These clowns did have some entertainment value.

“No. This is what will happen: eighty percent of the heavy crude in those tar sands will disappear completely without trace overnight on the 27th September of this year.”

“What? So you are not only the pretty Princess from the 24th Century, now you also have the super power to make oil disappear?”

“Of course not. I’ll have nothing to do with it. I’m only warning you.”

“If you won’t make that oil disappear, how is it supposed to happen?”

“The Wise Vampire will suck it all up. He really will. I heard the story from a very reliable source.”

“Wise Vampire? And he’s sucking oil? That’s ridiculous. Vampires suck blood. And they don’t exist to begin with. Just like global warming. Everybody knows that.”

“You don’t believe me?”

“No.” John Baker was smiling even more. This was completely worth interrupting his meeting with his Chief Financial Officer. He hadn’t had this much fun in a long time.

“Well, that’s too bad. If you don’t follow my orders, you’ll see eighty percent of that oil disappear without any trace from one day to the next. But I can see your point. My story does sound somewhat strange.”

“It sure does.”

“Please hand me the Glaring Glasses for a moment,” Angel said, looking at Satoshi. He handed them over to her.

“I’m not going to take much more of your time, Mr. Baker. You don’t seem to be a very interesting person to talk to. But just so that you know that I’m very real, have a look at the oil prices of the next three centuries. Right from the 2323 Wikipedia article. That kind of data might be of interest to someone in your position.”

Angel activated the Glaring Glasses and projected a data sheet on to one of the office walls. It showed numbers for the oil price in 2023 dollars in intervals of ten years, starting with the $250 of 2023, right up to the $72,200 of 2323.

“Kindly take a picture of that with your phone,” Angel said to John Baker’s assistant.

“Yes, Your Majesty.” He took out his phone and documented the data on the wall.

“Your Majesty?” John Baker said, not believing his ears.

“Of course. He knows how to properly address Royalty,” Angel said.

“That must be the hypnotic power of those Glaring Glasses,” John Baker said. “I’ve heard about it. Very interesting. Very interesting indeed.”

He put his left hand over his right wrist for a moment, pushing the button on a concealed communication device he had installed on the inside of his sleeve. His interest in performing magic tricks did help him dealing with security. Nobody in the room would notice the very natural move.

Around seventy seconds later seven security guards stormed into the office, weapons drawn.

“Kindly hand over those Glaring Glasses,” John Baker said. “I’d like to take them as compensation for your illegal entry into this building.”

“Sure you would like that. I’ll give them to you. Tell your security staff to put down their weapons please. I rather enjoyed being resurrected yesterday. I’m not interested in dying again,” Angel said, in a very calm and unperturbed way. She didn’t seem worried at all.

“Put your weapons down,” John Baker ordered. He wasn’t interested in killing these clowns if they handed the Glaring Glasses over. There was always some risk associated with killing people. He usually avoided such a course of action, if possible.

John Baker put the Glaring Glasses on.

All of a sudden, he let out an ear-shattering scream. And then screamed some more. But he was unable to pull the Glaring Glasses off again.

Angel slowly reached out and pulled them off for him, taking her time with the action. None of the security guards stopped her. They understood that her boss wanted them pulled off.

“Did you enjoy the sensation of being nailed to the solar cross? And of getting your skin burned slowly with a low power parabolic mirror?” Angel asked.

“No,” John Baker said, after catching his breath, a couple of moments later.

“Do you still want to steal my Glaring Glasses? They won’t do you any good without authorization.”

“No. Get out of here.”

“We will.”

Angel activated the Glaring Glasses again for a moment. The seven security guards immediately got on their knees before her. Then they escorted Angel and Satoshi out of the building.

Link to part 38: Hot War on Global Warming

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