Glaring Glasses Root Authority Transfer

Part 30 of my third global warming science fiction novel “Last Week”. Link to Part 1: “Back To Paradise Era”.

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 14 2023 8:33 P.M.

“That was fun,” Angel said, smiling, with another tear in her eye. She was having trouble hiding her fear, with her death now very close.

“I’m glad you liked it,” Satoshi said.

“So, now I need to explain the Glaring Glasses to you. Once I’m done with that, I’ll take my sleeping pills and you’ll leave, just as you promised,” Angel said, making an effort to sound calm.

“Okay,” Satoshi said. “I’ll leave this apartment for a couple of days. I’ll keep my promise. You can count on that.”

“Thank you,” Angel said. “So, these Glaring Glasses have basically three modes of operating. One is the data mode. Another is the mind-reading mode. And the last one is the hypnotic mode. There is no physical switch or anything. You just put them on and they will directly interface with your brain. You need to be authorized, though. If anyone tries to use them without authorization, they will get some very disturbing experiences. They won’t achieve anything, and they won’t be able to stand it. I’ll transfer the root authority to you once I’m done with my explanation. Got it so far?”

“Yes,” Satoshi said. “It’s very convenient. I don’t need to learn any commands or anything. The Glaring Glasses know what I want directly from my brain.”

“In data mode, you can either just look at history, including the history of the coming three centuries, or project your data to some wall, like I did in Senator Nutt’s office last week. The whole Internet up to 2323 is stored in the device. I recommend looking at the Wikipedia articles, but there is a lot more. You’ll find data on how global warming will play out, how fossil fuel prices will go up, how the death toll will spiral out of control. And most importantly, you can track the path of Moros 27 for three Centuries before impact. It was very easy to calculate where it is right now, once we discovered it in 2322. You need that data to deflect it to a safe path,” Angel explained.

“I see,” Satoshi said. “This data will help a lot.”

“Now about the mind-reading mode. You recall that you’ve experienced it once already, reading my mind. I can’t let you do that now, though. It would not be a pretty sight. I’m sorry, but I don’t want to burden you with that. You can use this as a simple lie detector. You will always know if someone is telling the truth or not if you use the Glaring Glasses in that mode. You can also find out about the motivations of someone. This will be very useful for dealing with people where the hypnotic mode doesn’t work,” Angel said.

“How so?” Satoshi asked.

“Well, you remember that the hypnotic power didn’t work on Senator Nutt,” Angel said. “But I could read her mind, and I did. So I found out that she’ll do whatever her sponsors want her to do. She has no convictions of her own. That makes it very easy to turn her around. All you’ve got to do is outbid Non Standard Oil. Or convince them to join forces with you. Senator Nutt won’t be a problem.”

“That leaves the hypnotic mode,” Satoshi said.

“Exactly. This one is tricky. That’s because there is no guarantee it will work. In my experience, it works mostly on people who are not ever so important. For example, when we went to Senator Nutt’s office, it worked on the security people, and it worked on the staffer. It didn’t work on the Senator, and it didn’t work on you. That was the first thing I made sure of when meeting you, and the fact that the Glaring Glasses didn’t work told me something about you as well as about the Glasses. You have a strong will. They don’t work on me either, or on my father, the Emperor,” Angel explained.

“I see. So that’s another thing we have in common,” Satoshi said.

“So, now I’ll proceed to transfer the root authority to you,” Angel said. “I need your kind cooperation for that.”

“Okay. What do you want me to do?” Satoshi asked.

“The first condition for this to work is that you need to show some genuine friendly feelings for me. Root authorization can’t be transferred without that, so as to guard against someone trying to force me to transfer it against my will. I suggest you hold my hands for a couple of moments,” Angel said.

Satoshi took both of Angel’s hands.

“I am not putting the Glaring Glasses in mind-reading mode now,” Angel said. “But for the purpose of this root authority transfer, the Glaring Glasses must make sure of your friendly feelings for me. Ah, there is the result. It came in very fast. The result is way above the necessary minimum level. It worries me slightly. I had hoped you would not get emotionally attached to me in this one week. This might be hard for you, seeing me die like this. I’m sorry. I really am. But there’s nothing I can do about it.”

“Don’t worry,” Satoshi said. “I don’t feel sad or anything. I really don’t. Why should I feel sad? I knew that this was coming from the first moment onwards. You warned me, remember?” He barely managed to suppress his tears.

“Okay. So, you’re cleared for accepting root control of the Glaring Glasses. Now all I need is for you to actually want them. They won’t transfer to someone who is not ready to shoulder the burden that comes with owning such a powerful device. Are you ready to carry the Glaring Glasses? Are you ready to use them in your mission to save the World from global warming and from Moros 27? There is no need to answer, the Glaring Glasses will read your mind. Just concentrate on your feelings.”

Satoshi closed his eyes and concentrated on the image of the Glaring Glasses in his mind. The next instant he knew that he wanted them.

“Congratulations,” Angel said. “The transfer has been successful. You are now in charge of root authority. Use this tool wisely.”

Link to part 31: Checking Out

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