Part 28 of my third global warming science fiction novel “Last Week”. Link to Part 1: “Back To Paradise Era”.

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 14 2023 8:27 A.M.

“So, today is my last day,” Angel said cheerfully. “The main part of my mission has already been a great success. I had quite a lot of fun in this week, much of it because of your kind cooperation. Thank you for that.”

There was a slight strain in her cheerfulness. Satoshi understood that she was putting on a show for him.

“That leaves the global warming problem. Do you plan on doing anything about that on your last day?” Satoshi asked.

“I do. I certainly do. As soon as we finish this excellent breakfast, I am going to make the concept of Buy&Hoard widely known. I’ll start with Alexandrina. One interesting point about the idea is that support for this in no way depends on understanding that global warming is real. Keeping more of the treasure for future generations makes sense even if you think all that extra CO2 in the atmosphere is the greatest idea ever. It will be very interesting to see how her crowd reacts to the concept,” Angel said.

“And what about Theo Birnbaum? And Roberto Romero? Do you plan on meeting them again?” Satoshi said.

“Actually no. I don’t have enough time left for that. They are smart. They will understand the solution once I explain it to them. And they know me already. So they won’t just ignore me,” Angel said. “Once I’m done with that, it will be time for you to keep your promise.”

“My promise?” Satoshi said.

“You promised that you won’t be around when I die. I want you to leave this apartment. Call some escort agency or other and buy yourself some women for 21st Century sex. Or go write something somewhere. You remember your promise?”

“I sure do. Of course I’ll keep that,” Satoshi said. “I’ll probably start writing about our week together. Is there anything you wouldn’t want me to write about? Anything I should keep to myself?”

“No. Write whatever you want. I don’t care. I’ll be dead anyway,” Angel said. “What is that white stuff next to the German pretzel? It looks great.”

Angel wanted to change the subject. She did not like to talk about the fact that she would be gone this time tomorrow.

“That’s called weisswurst. It’s a traditional Bavarian sausage served for breakfast,” Satoshi explained.

“I am very lucky to get a shot at that,” Angel said. “Do you like it?”

“I sure do,” Satoshi said. “That’s why I ordered some for this breakfast. It’s made from finely minced veal and pork bacon, with parsley, lemon, mace, onions, ginger, and cardamom added for spice. It doesn’t conserve very well, so you are supposed to eat it before noon.”

“I see,” Angel said.

She took a piece on her fork and held it close to her nose, to take in the smell, as was her custom in this new World.

“You should add a bit of mustard,” Satoshi said.

“I’ll just try it without first,” Angel said, and put the first piece in her mouth. Again, she just let it sit there, her eyes closed, and concentrated on the taste. Then she chewed it, adding a bit of pretzel to the mix.

“That’s excellent,” Angel said. “I think I’d like to have that tomorrow morning as well.”

Satoshi frowned. He didn’t like that particular joke.

“And now for the version with mustard,” Angel announced, and proceeded to try that out as well.

“I’m pleased to see you like it,” Satoshi said.

“I sure do,” Angel said. “So, once I’m done with getting the word out on the simple solution for global warming, I’ll need to explain to you how to operate the Glaring Glasses. I would like you to accept them as a gift from me. Just a small way of expressing my gratitude for all you have done for me in this last week. They are quite powerful. The hypnotic force can help you a lot, but the biggest power is their historic record of what happens in the coming three Centuries. This will obviously help you a lot finishing the mission. Do you accept them?”

“Yes,” Satoshi said. “I accept them. That’s the second gadget I’ve got from Khalmorot. I think he would want me to accept. It’s the natural thing to do.”

“Who is this guy anyway? What does he want from us?” Angel said.

“I have no idea,” Satoshi said. “I’ve only met him twice in my life. And in both cases I had no chance to ask him. You’ve never seen him?”

“No. As I explained the other day, the Glaring Glasses and the time machine just showed up one night in my father’s office. With a note attached explaining the destination, and that I’ll be dead after one last week as a side effect of time travel. But he never showed up in our World,” Angel said.

“He must be interested in solving global warming. Or avoiding that asteroid impact,” Satoshi said. “And of course he must have incredible technology. The Glaring Glasses and the Perfect Purse are far beyond anything humans could build in the 21st Century. I don’t need to ask any experts to establish that.”

“That reminds me. How about that challenge to Senator Nutt? About asking some experts to look at the Glaring Glasses? Should we follow up on that?” Angel said.

“I’m not sure,” Satoshi said. “You’ll be gone. There will be not much point left in establishing that you are, in fact, a Princess from the 24th Century. If I have them, the last thing I would want is any extra attention. I’d like to use them, all right. That hypnotic power looks like fun. I can use it in my books. But I don’t want to have a big public debate about them. I’d like to keep them for myself, just like the Perfect Purse. No one knows about that one either.”

“Okay. I’ll leave that decision to you,” Angel said. “Now, I absolutely must eat one more of these sausages. They are most delicious.”

Link to part 29: Game Over

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