Hi, Cli-Fi Books, Nice to Meet You

I just found the site “Cli-Fi Books”. It discusses climate fiction, which is of interest to me both as an author as a reader. Maybe I could submit my own books there and find some new readers.

I just added a permanent link to that site to my blogroll.

I am not yet convinced unconditionally that the term “Cli-Fi” is chosen well, however.

One reason is of course that “Climate Change” is the term proposed by someone called Frank Luntz to frame the issue as harmless. As Luntz correctly observes, “Climate Change” is less frightening than “Global Warming”.

That of course is reason enough for someone concerned about global warming to do exactly the opposite of what Luntz recommends.

Therefore I have called my own effort on this blog “List of Global Warming Fiction Books“.

I guess one could abbreviate that to GloWaFi, but there doesn’t seem to be much merit to it.

The term “Cli-Fi” is obviously a word play on “Sci-Fi”, which means science fiction. That is another problem. My own global warming novels do seem to qualify as science fiction. But there are many others that do not. One can write a novel about global warming without time machines or evil hypnotist aliens. Therefore, this association to “Sci-Fi” would seem to be slightly too narrow.

Another problem with the term “Cli Fi” is that obviously many people will think of something completely unrelated when reading “Cli”. Something really small and usually hidden behind folds (I am NOT spelling this out here to grab some unrelated search engine traffic. Figure it out for yourself).

I don’t think that is helpful. The global warming problem is anything but small.

And while this particular background association might increase traffic, I am not that desperate for readers yet.

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Professor at Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo. Author of Lenz Blog (since 2003, lenzblog.com).

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