Thusnelda Sneeze

Part 27 of my third global warming science fiction novel “Last Week”. Link to Part 01: “Back To Paradise Era”.

“So, now that I have told you the simple solution to this little global warming problem, it’s time for you to tell me the truth,” Angel said.

“The truth? Have I lied to you?” Satoshi said. “What are you talking about?”

“You have not been lying to me, of course,” Angel said. “That would be rather lacking in respect. I’m a Princess. You don’t lie to Royalty, even in your World. But there’s something you haven’t told me. I’d like to know.”

“Again, what are you talking about?” Satoshi said.

“Okay. Here’s a hint. How come that the first guy I talk to after I arrive in your World just happens to be Saint Satoshi? With millions and millions of men in this country, that strikes me as a rather strange coincidence. And how come you just happen to be in a McDonald’s restaurant around three A.M.? You’re the richest person on the planet. You wouldn’t hang around at McDonald’s usually. It doesn’t make sense,” Angel said.

“Okay. I have to admit it. I had been waiting for you at the New York Stock Exchange building. I knew you would show up there. I knew when you would arrive,” Satoshi said. “So I saw that intense green light below the balcony. I saw how you just barely missed that other woman. And then I just followed you to that McDonald’s.”

“How could you ever have known that? You would need to have lived in my World to know that this time trip was scheduled, and where my destination was,” Angel said.

“I can’t tell you exactly. All I know is that this alien Khalmorot that gave me the Bitcoin network showed up again on Monday evening last week,” Satoshi said.

“Tell me about it,” Angel said.

“Well, I was minding my own business, writing. I’d just had another great idea for the science fiction novel I’m working on right now. Then, all of a sudden, I fell into some kind of trance. This was not a dream, like the first time Khalmorot showed up. I think he put me into that trance.”

“And he appeared again in the form of your nephew? As a ten year old boy?” Angel asked.

“No. This time was different. He had the enormous body of a Japanese Sumo wrestler. And the weird thing was, he had two heads on that massive body. Whenever he said something, he talked simultaneously out of both of his mouths. Like a chorus, but it was perfectly coordinated. I could understand every word quite easily,” Satoshi said.

“So, what did he tell you?”

“He told me that a Princess from the 24st Century would arrive at the New York Stock Exchange in the early hours of the following morning. He asked me to watch out for you, and then to follow you and make contact with you later on. You saved me the trouble of doing so when you started talking to me,” Satoshi said.

“Why did you do what he wanted?” Angel said.

“I’m kind of grateful for the great life he gave me,” Satoshi said. “Also, it’s kind of an interesting story. If the time travel he was talking about was true, I wanted to know everything I possibly could about it. I can use this in one of my next books, as I told you already,” Satoshi explained.

“That does explain things somewhat,” Angel said. “Do you live in New York normally? Or did you travel to wait for me?”

“Actually, I do live in this city most of the time,” Satoshi said. “That may have been one reason why Khalmorot chose the New York Stock Exchange as a destination for you.”

“Yes. It makes a lot of sense,” Angel said.

“While I’m at it, there was another thing he asked me to do for you,” Satoshi said.

“What would that be?”

“Have you wondered how you could fly to Hawaii?” Satoshi said.

“No. That’s a strange question. I could fly to Hawaii because you have a private jet and kindly agreed to take me here,” Angel said.

“Don’t you understand? You need a passport to fly, even with a private jet. Do you have a passport, Princess Angel of the 24st Century?” Satoshi said.

“Actually, now that you mention it, no. I don’t have a passport. I had one in my World, of course, signed by the Emperor himself. But that would not help me here, so I didn’t bring it,” Angel said. “So, how could I fly here?”

“Well, Khalmorot told me to prepare a passport for you. He knows that I have the necessary contacts to buy a good passport even on short notice. And he gave me a picture file for your face and a data file for your fingerprints. So that’s what I did. I called one of my contacts and had a perfect fake Hong Kong passport delivered Friday morning, right to the airport. It came just in time for our little trip to Hawaii,” Satoshi explained.

“So, what’s my name on the passport?” Angel asked. “It couldn’t be ‘Princess Angel’ of course.”

“That’s the weird part. Khalmorot also gave me a name. You’re known by the fine name of Thusnelda Sneeze,” Satoshi said. “Don’t look at me that way. I didn’t choose that name. Khalmorot did.”  He knew better than to show his amusement over the choice of name.

“Thusnelda Sneeze. What a ridiculous choice!” Angel said, frowning. “If I ever meet this Khalmorot character, I’ll tell him a thing or two about how to respect Royalty.”

“You do that,” Satoshi said. “But don’t blame me. I’m not responsible for that choice. I’m only the messenger here. You do understand that, don’t you?”

“Of course,” Angel said, smiling again. “There’s nothing you could do about it.”

“So, do you want to use that passport again?” Satoshi said.


“I mean, do you want to return to New York today, or tomorrow? You said you wanted to die in that apartment guest room, remember?” Satoshi said. “If so, we need to get moving.”

“Yes. I guess you’re right,” Angel said. “And I might as well go back to New York for my last day of the mission tomorrow. I got my weekend at Waikiki. Let’s fly back today.”

Link to part 28: Weisswurst

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4 thoughts on “Thusnelda Sneeze

    1. Thanks for your friendly comment. I just published a post shouting out to that site and discussing the term “cli-fi”.

      I am looking forward to read some of the novels discussed at and maybe write some reviews, once I am done with my next paper deadline and grading final exam papers.


  1. Professor,
    good post and good to read your thoughts here. Kim Stanley Robinson told me in a recent email that he likes the term CLI FI but considers it as a subgenre of SCI FI and I accept that definition too. H. Bruce Franklin, a sci fi historian, also told me the same thing, he likes the term, but considers it as a subgenre of sci fi. And so did Andrew Milner in Australia, another PHD expert on sci fi, and so did Gerry Canavan, another sci fi expert in the USA. So maybe for now you can accept cli fi as a mere subgenre of sci fi and see where it leads.

    keep in touch and feel free to join the posts and tweets at the hashtag #clifi on Twitter.


    Danny Bloom
    CLI FI CENTRAL blog founder


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