A Pool in Waikiki

Part 21 of my third global warming science fiction novel “Last Week”. Link to Part 01: “Back To Paradise Era”.


Friday, February 10, 2023, 11:42 P.M.

“This is rather nice,” Angel said.

She looked around at the hotel room, smiling. They had chosen a small double room in a hotel in Waikiki, not a suite as one might expect from a Princess. And they had paid for two nights in advance with bitcoins from the smartphone Satoshi had given to Angel. Non Standard Oil would not find them here.

“So, do you want to finish this World saving business, or should we check out the pool first?” Satoshi asked. “I am sure this hotel uses an insane amount of energy for keeping the pool and the sauna warm for us.”

“I’m not sure. I still have ample time for the mission. What do you think?” Angel said.

“I don’t get it. That meeting yesterday didn’t work out so well. Senator Nutt doesn’t believe you. The Glaring Glasses don’t work on her. And we had to leave there running. Theo Birnbaum and Roberto Romero will be rather puzzled,” Satoshi said.

“Don’t worry. I have everything covered. This is exactly what I expected to happen,” Angel said. “You don’t realize how easy the solution is once you know future history.”

“Yes. I don’t realize that. I have to admit it. How will you ever solve global warming before Tuesday morning? There are only a couple of days left. Half of your time is already gone. I think it’s quite hopeless, to tell you the truth,” Satoshi said.

“Actually, there’s another thing you don’t realize about the solution. I’ll tell you later. Let’s make some progress now. Maybe that will help you get back some confidence,” Angel said.

She started a laptop computer she had brought from New York and connected it to the Internet. Then she navigated to Alexandrina Heathershaw’s “Galileo Now” blog.

There was a new entry describing the meeting. It was titled “Future Princess Just as Fake as Global Warming Hoax”.

Alexandrina described how she had gone to the meeting. And how this “Princess Angel” character had actually shown up and done a lame presentation on sea level rise. She finished describing Senator Nutt throwing the impostor out of her office.

Of course she left out the part where she had gone down on her knees and called Angel “Your Majesty”. She had forgotten about that part, just as Angel had ordered her, and Senator Nutt had not mentioned the scene when they had talked for a couple of moments later on.

Angel entered another comment to that blog post. And published it on her own blog as well:

“Hi Alexandrina. Thank you for your report about our meeting yesterday. Please let me set the record straight. There are three points you are getting slightly wrong. I don’t blame you, of course. It is difficult for you to understand that time travel is real. You had it worked out yesterday for a couple of moments, but you probably don’t remember that right now.

 “One. I do exist, thank you very much. And I am a Princess from the future. I really am. You’ll understand in time.

“Two. That presentation of sea level rise is not some animation based on predictions of what will happen. It is historic record. New York will disappear all right by 2323. And Wall Street will be left. As a small island. Great news, isn’t it?

“Three. You also left out the part about the “solar cross” game. I might give you a chance to experience it next. You may even get the chance to experience it from the point of view of the star of the game. You are one of the models, just like Senator Nutt. I am sure you are happy to hear that you have that in common with your hero.

“On the other hand, your chance may be already gone. I will die on Tuesday morning next week. I may not bother to meet you again. I need to solve this little global warming problem before then, you know.”

Angel pointed to her blog post over Twitter, notifying Theo Birnbaum and Roberto Romero of her comment. Then she turned to Satoshi.

“That should be enough for the moment.”

“I’m not sure if that will be enough to convince Alexandrina,” Satoshi said. “I can’t see that you are getting anywhere.”

“You don’t see much progress?” Angel said, smiling.

“No. I don’t. I’m sorry. I really am,” Satoshi said.

“Don’t worry. Alexandrina is not the key to the solution. All I need from her is some attention. Once I get my real message out, I need a channel to have it heard. As long as she doesn’t ignore me, I don’t care what she writes. You wouldn’t expect her to change her views just because she met me once, would you?” Angel said.

“Of course not,” Satoshi said. “You can’t just talk to some of these denial bloggers for a couple of moments and expect them to all of a sudden change all their views. Humans don’t change their views easily. So tell me again how this is progress?”

“It is enough for the moment. The success of my mission does not depend on convincing her or turning her views around. Don’t worry. I’ll succeed all right. I hate the idea of succeeding, of course, but there is no way I could avoid success,” Angel said.

“Why didn’t you just turn her around permanently with the Glaring Glasses? They worked on her, didn’t they?” Satoshi asked.

“I could have done that, of course,” Angel said. “It would have been easy. But it isn’t necessary. If I needed her to give up denial and understand the science on global warming I might have done it that way. It would have been a much more powerful demonstration of the Glaring Glasses, of course. But I think I have already shown enough of their power. I don’t really need them for the solution. You’ll see in time.”

“You don’t need them? Why did you do that demonstration, then?” Satoshi asked.

“Remember the first and most important mission I have here?” Angel asked back.

“Yes. Having fun.” Satoshi said.

“There’s your answer. I was having a bit of fun with those Glasses. It also was useful for establishing a connection with Theo Birnbaum and Roberto Romero, of course. I don’t think they will ignore me any more,” Angel explained. “Now, how about checking out that pool? I’m done with Alexandrina for the moment.”

Link to part 22: Politics Sold to the Highest Bidder

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