Run! RUN! RUN!!

Part 20 of my third global warming science fiction novel “Last Week”. Link to Part 01: “Back To Paradise Era”.

Thursday, February 9, 2023, 3:47 P.M.

“Remember what we did on Tuesday after lunch?” Angel said to Satoshi. “Let’s do that again.”

“Sounds good to me,” Satoshi said.

After they had passed the security check, all of a sudden, they both bolted and ran at full speed in the direction of the apartment. The others were too surprised to react.

Just as they had disappeared round a corner, a car arrived at the office, tires screeching. The tail John Baker had wanted on Angel and Satoshi. They had missed their target by a couple of seconds. But they didn’t know that, so they waited in the car.

No one except Theo Birnbaum, Roberto Romero, and Alexandrina Heathershaw came out of the office.

After a couple of minutes they placed a call and reported that they had been too late.


“Wow. You run rather fast for a man your age,” Angel said, catching her breath. They were back in the apartment.

“When have I heard you say that before?” Satoshi said, smiling. He was breathing heavily as well.

“Let’s have some more 24th Century sex,” Angel said. “I need to teach you all I can in the short time we have left.”

“But the mission?” Satoshi said.

“That will have to wait,” Angel said. “I am ahead of schedule anyway. I am afraid there is no way I can fail.”


Friday, February 10, 2023, 8:42 A.M.

“Do you understand why we were running away from that office yesterday?” Angel asked.

They were sitting at the breakfast table. They had slept very well, and together.

“That’s easy. You were eager to get another round of 21st Century sex with me,” Satoshi said.

“I was. I have to admit it,” Angel said. “But there was another purpose as well.”

“What was that?”

“I wanted to make sure that no one was following us. I revealed the Glaring Glasses to our enemies. They might well get some ideas about taking them from me. Or about killing me. If they kill me, that would be bad news for my mission. It would of course be what I want, on some level. I wouldn’t mind failing. I don’t want to kill my father. And I’ll be dead anyway in a couple of days from now. But I just can’t get myself to fail in some way I could easily prevent,” Angel explained.

“How do you know no one has followed us?” Satoshi said.

“The Glaring Glasses would have warned me if there was anybody following. I know that we’re safe right now. I would like to have it stay that way,” Angel said. “Do you have a private jet? These rich people always have private jets. I would like to take a trip to Hawaii.”

“I do,” Satoshi said. “We could get going in about an hour. Why would you want to go there? Wouldn’t that make the mission harder? Theo Birnbaum and Roberto Romero won’t be in Hawaii.”

“I can call them from there,” Angel said. “They have already seen the Glaring Glasses. I don’t think they will ignore me. That’s all we need from them. And I want to put some distance between us and the enemy. We are dealing with the most profitable company in human history. Non Standard Oil. They have a lot of resources.”

Satoshi picked up his phone and made a couple of short arrangements. A cab would pick them up in about forty minutes. They had enough time to finish breakfast and pack a couple of things.


“Do you like my private jet?” Satoshi asked.

“It’s nice, I guess,” Angel said. “But I don’t exactly like it.”

“Why not? You asked for it,” Satoshi said.

“I am violating the first Commandment. This jet burns fossil fuel. A lot of fossil fuel,” Angel said. Her face was pale. She looked like she might be sick any time.

“Actually, no. I don’t run my private jet on fossil fuel. It’s biofuel for me,” Satoshi said, smiling.

Angel relaxed.

“Thank you, that’s great news. Of course this is an emergency. This is necessary for my mission. Moros 27 will destroy all life on the planet if I don’t use this private jet. But I was still sick at the thought of burning fossil fuel. I’m sorry. I really am. But I can’t help it,” Angel said.

“We’re still violating the Second Commandment. We’re wasting energy, flying around the country in a private jet for no clear purpose,” Satoshi said.

“Actually, no. We have a clear purpose. Get away from New York. Get far away, and fast. It’s not like the other day when we were driving your Tesla Roadster. That was wasteful. But this is part of the mission,” Angel said.

“So again, do you like my private jet?” Satoshi asked.

“I do now. It’s a great feeling, going so fast all over the country. Of course we don’t have jet planes in my World. All air traffic has switched to hydrogen airships. We make a lot of hydrogen from water in time slots where demand is insufficient to use all the wind and solar energy we get,” Angel explained.

“But isn’t hydrogen explosive? Why don’t you use helium?” Satoshi said.

“There’s not enough helium to go around for all the airships we need,” Angel said. “Our safety record is actually rather good. As long as we steer clear of the storms our airships are much safer than the jet planes you are using. Of course they are much slower than a jet plane.”

“So, anything particular in Hawaii you’d like to see?” Satoshi said.

“No. Anywhere will do,” Angel said. “All I need is a hotel room with Internet access. We will still need to work a bit on that World saving business. It’s very easy to do. You’ll see. Just make sure that we’re not easily tracked. Don’t pay with a credit card, or anything like that. We don’t want John Baker to know where we are right now.”

Link to part 21: A Pool in Waikiki

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