Book On Writing Stories About Global Warming

I have written a couple of science fiction novels about global warming (including the simple solution to that little problem we seem to have). I am publishing right now my third novel “Last Week”, which has a strong Bitcoin theme, in installments twice a week on this blog.

Therefore I was interested in reading an interview at SPIEGEL with Randy Olson. I had not heard about him before, but he seems to have left a Harvard tenured chair to start over in Hollywood, since he is frustrated with the fact that communication about global warming is much too dull and boring.

That is the topic of that interview. Olson thinks that even the most successful film on global warming sucks. That would be the documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” by Al Gore. Olson says it lacks a clear story concept and was only successful because Al Gore was famous to begin with.

He may have a point there. His suggestion for a story was to compare why humanity was able to deal with the ozone hole threat but not with the global warming threat.

That may be an improvement on Gore’s lack of any story.

But I like the story where global warming is caused by the evil alien hypnotist Khalmorot for entertainment in his successful TV show HEAT GAMES much better. I published it last year under the title “Great News“.

Anyway, I am not done with writing global warming fiction. Therefore I was interested to hear that Olson has written a book about writing global warming stories, titled “Connection: Hollywood Storytelling Meets Critical Thinking”. I just bought it and am looking forward to learn some more on the topic.

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