Some Fun Speculation About the Name “Satoshi Nakamoto”

I assume for a moment that “Satoshi Nakamoto” is not a real name. If so, why was that particular name chosen?

I don’t know exactly which Kanji are supposed to be used. But for “Satoshi” either “智” or “聡” would mean something like “wise” or “sage”.

“Naka” is clearly “中”, which means “middle”.

The “moto” part may be either “元” or “本”.

If you look at the first reading, it has the interesting meaning of “former” or “ex”, like in “my ex-husband”.

That’s interesting because the main feature of the Bitcoin network is to eliminate the middle man institution for payments.

Joining the Kanji for “middle” and “former” would be an excellent candidate if you wanted to condense this concept into exactly two Kanjis.

Bonus link: “I’m Satoshi

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