Setting Up the Meeting

Part 17 of my third global warming science fiction novel “Last Week”. Link to Part 01: “Back To Paradise Era”.



Wednesday, February 8, 2023, 7:29 P.M.

“Senator Nutt will be available for our meeting tomorrow,” Angel said, smiling. “That will be interesting. I am looking forward to telling her the truth about global warming.”

She was sitting in an Italian restaurant with Satoshi. She had ordered a large pizza, another new experience for her.

“Congratulations,” Satoshi said. “You are making some progress there.”

“Yes. I am. I must admit it. I would like to fail. So that I don’t kill my father. But it will be very difficult for me to fail, once I get started,” Angel said. “Let’s invite the other people I need at the meeting.”

She checked the “Galileo Now” blog. Her comment was published. Just as she had expected. Not only that, Alexandrina had written a post on it, with the title “New Warmist Lunacy: Time Travel Princess Shows Up at Galileo Now.” The post was somewhat lacking in respect, though. It seemed Alexandrina was not convinced of the story. But she did link to the new Angel 2323 blog, giving Angel her first couple of readers.

Angel entered another comment. This time to the blog post talking about her:

“Hi, Alexandrina. Thanks for publishing my comment, and for this blog post discussing it.

“You seem to be not convinced yet.

“If you can spare the time, I would like you to attend a meeting I have set up with Senator Annalina Nutt tomorrow at 3 P.M., at her office. Once you meet me, I am sure you will reconsider.

“Please confirm with her office that the meeting is real. This is not a prank. I have some very important news from the future. And I will prove that it is true.”

The pizza arrived, along with a glass of Cola. Angel took a couple of moments before proceeding. She looked at the pizza, took in the smell very slowly and deliberately. Then she cut off the first piece, and held it right next to her nose.

“We have no cheese in our World,” Angel said. “Remember? All the cows are gone. No cows, no cheese for pizza. I’m really looking forward to this.”

“Do you still think you’d rather be in your World?” Satoshi asked.

“I’m not so sure right now,” Angel said. “This looks delicious.”

She took a bite. Her expression changed to one of pure bliss.

“And it sure is. Again, you have no idea how fucking lucky you are to live in Paradise Era,” Angel said, smiling.

“You’d get used to it in no time, though,” Satoshi said.

“Yes. But I don’t think the novelty will wear off in the first week,” Angel said. “And I only have that last week.”

Her smile had gone.

“Sorry about that,” Satoshi said. “I shouldn’t mention that topic, I guess.”

“Never mind,” Angel said. “Let’s get Theo to attend the meeting. He’s in town for a big Greenpeace global warming conference. I assume that’s one of the reasons this date was selected for my destination.”

Angel picked up her smartphone. She pushed another number she had committed to memory in her training for the mission.

“Hello? Is this Greenpeace New York? Yes? My name is Angel. I’m a Princess who has come back in a time machine from the 24st Century. I need to talk to Theo Birnbaum about how global warming will turn out. I’m sure he’ll be interested. He’s in town right now, isn’t he?” Angel said.

“Yes, Theo is in town,” the Greenpeace staffer said. “But he’s kind of busy. He won’t have time to bother with crazies who pretend they come from the future. I’m sorry. I really am.”

“I expected that reaction. Tell him to meet me at 3 P.M. tomorrow at the office of Senator Nutt. She has kindly agreed to meet with me. This is important. I bring news to the World on how global warming will play out. And I will bring conclusive proof,” Angel said.

“Senator Nutt? Is this some kind of prank? She believes your story?”

“She sure does. Theo will believe me as well. Just tell him. And check with Senator Nutt’s office. That will be all for now, thank you,” Angel said, and cut the line.

She took another bite out of her pizza.

“This is even better than the steak we had yesterday. I really could get used to living in Paradise Era,” she said. “Now for the final invitation. I need to get Roberto to the meeting.”

Angel pushed another number on her smartphone.

“Romero.” The famous blogger had answered his phone himself. That made things much easier.

“Hello, my name is Angel. I’m a Princess who has come back with a time machine from the 24st Century. I am here to tell humanity of the 21st Century how global warming will play out. Do you believe me?” Angel said.

“What? Is this some kind of prank?” Romero said.

“You don’t believe me. That’s of course exactly what I expected. Please come meet me at 3 P.M. tomorrow at Senator Nutt’s office. I have set up a meeting there with you, Theo Birnbaum, the Senator, and Alexandrina Heathershaw. I will offer conclusive proof that I really came back in a time machine from the 24th Century. Please confirm with the office of Senator Nutt that this is for real,” Angel said.

“This sounds completely ridiculous,” Romero said.

“It does. It really does. I must admit it,” Angel said. “But it sure is real. You’ll see, if you attend the meeting. You can always write an interesting blog post about your meeting with the Senator. I understand your disagree with her position on global warming,” Angel said.

“I sure do. She’s firmly in the pocket of the fossil fuel industry,” Romero said.

“So, anyway, please check with the Senator’s office. This meeting is for real. And I’m a real time traveler from the 24th Century. This is the biggest story ever for your blog. Even if it weren’t true, it would be quite a story, with Senator Nutt involved and all. Could you spare the time? Please?” Angel said.

“Okay. Listen. I’ll call the Senator’s office. If the meeting’s for real, I’ll be there. If they don’t confirm, I’ll just assume you’re trying to pull my leg.” Romero said.

“Fair enough. See you tomorrow, then. I’ve come a long way to meet you. I’m looking forward to it,” Angel said, and cut the connection.

She sent a short e-mail to the Senator’s office informing them that there would be three more people in the meeting the next day.

“Now, let’s get back to the really important business. There’s quite a lot left of this pizza,” Angel said, smiling.

Link to part 18: New York Gone in 2323

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