Princess Angel and the Senator

Part 16 of my third global warming science fiction novel “Last Week”. Link to Part 01: “Back To Paradise Era”.


“Now, for the first bit of publicity,” Angel said. “I’ll follow Theo and Roberto and tell them over Twitter about that blog post.”

“Theo and Roberto?” Satoshi asked.

“Theo Birnbaum. Head of Greenpeace. And Roberto Romero, one of the leading climate change bloggers. They will be my allies in this fight. I need to build an audience for my message. They will help with that,” Angel explained.

She followed the Twitter accounts and directed two Tweets at them, pointing to her first two blog posts.

“They won’t read that,” Satoshi said. “They have millions of followers.”

“Possible, yes. I must admit it. But I need to start somewhere,” Angel said. “Now, let’s contact Senator Nutt.”

“How are you going to do that?” Satoshi said. “Write another blog post?”

“No. I’m going to phone her office,” Angel said.

She operated the smartphone Satoshi had given her. She had committed this telephone number to memory when training for her mission.

A young staffer answered the phone call. “Hello, Michael Warden at Senator Nutt’s office speaking. What can I do for you?”

“Hello, this is Princess Angel from the 24st Century. I just arrived in a time machine yesterday and need to get a donation of $10,000 to Senator Nutt arranged. Tell me how to do that,” Angel said.

“Listen. If this is some kind of prank, we don’t have time for that,” the staffer said.

“This is no prank. I’m serious. I really am. But if you are not interested in that $10,000 donation, I’ll need to find something else to do with my money,” Angel said.

“Princess Angel. Back from the 24st Century in a time machine. Somehow that doesn’t sound convincing,” the staffer said.

“You are quite lacking in respect,” Angel said. “You are speaking to Royalty. But I forgive you. You can’t know this is exactly true. So listen. I’ll tell you what will happen.”

The staffer said nothing. He was tempted to just cut the connection right there. But before he could decide on that, Angel continued.

“I will show up at your office in about half an hour. Then I will prove to you that I am, in fact, a Princess. We will discuss that donation once you’re satisfied that I am not trying to pull off some kind of prank,” Angel said.

“How are you going to prove something like that?” the staffer said.

“Just wait and see,” Angel said and cut the connection.

She put the smartphone back into her bag. Then she said to Satoshi:

“We need to get moving. Are you coming with me?”

“Of course.” Satoshi said.

“We’ll walk. It’s not far from here,” Angel said.

And that they did. They arrived at the office of Senator Nutt about twenty minutes later. Satoshi put on a surgical mask. He didn’t want his face recorded on security cameras at the Senator’s office.

There were security guards at the entrance. One of them asked if they had an appointment. He also wanted to see some ID papers.

Angel briefly activated the Glaring Glasses. The guards forgot all about the appointment and ID requirements and let Angel and Satoshi pass.

“Hi, pleased to meet you in person,” Angel said, as she stepped into Michael Warden’s office.

“Who are you? What do you want?” he asked.

Angel activated the Glaring Glasses again for a brief moment. She had no time for long explanations with people of secondary importance.

“Your Majesty! Thank you very much for visiting our humble office,” the staffer said, getting down on his knees. “What can I do for you?”

“You remember I called you on the phone half an hour before? You still think this is a prank?” Angel asked.

“No way. I understand now. I’m really sorry for misunderstanding, Your Majesty. Please forgive me,” he said.

“So, that’s settled. I want just a little thing right now. Set up a meeting with Senator Nutt in this office tomorrow at 3 P.M, if you don’t mind. Does she have anything important to do at the time?” Angel said.

“She’s scheduled to meet with lobbyists working for Non Standard Oil,” the staffer said, still on his knees. “I am very sorry.”

“No problem. Tell her she needs to cancel that meeting on my orders. Tell her I need to talk to her about a large donation. The $10,000 is only for ten minutes of her time. There is much more in it for Senator Nutt after that. I am a Princess. I have some rather large funds at my disposal. Do you understand what I want?” Angel said.

“Yes, Your Majesty. I’ll try my best,” the staffer said.

“Good. I’ll send you an e-mail later, so that you can report back on your progress with setting up the meeting. Get up from your knees and give me your business card,” Angel said.

“Yes. Here you are,” the staffer said.

“One other thing. This meeting is important. If Senator Nutt fails to make it, I will destroy her career. I’ll fund her next opponent with $50 million. Tell her that. I’m serious. I really am. Have a nice day,” Angel said.

She left the Senator’s office, Satoshi following. The guards at the entrance didn’t even notice her.

“You begin to understand?” Angel said.

“These Glaring Glasses sure are powerful,” Satoshi said. “Do you think you scored yourself a meeting with a Senator already?”

“I don’t know. We’ll see. Let’s send this staffer guy an e-mail so he can report back,” Angel said. She operated her smart phone and fired a short mail to the Senator’s office. She did expect to get an answer to that.

“So, what’s the plan in dealing with Senator Nutt? Are you going to outbid Non Standard Oil for her vote?” Satoshi said.

“Would I have your backing if it came to that?” Angel said.

“You sure would. $50 million is peanuts. I can easily give you that any time of the day. And I would feel that money was spent wisely. I believe you. I really do,” Satoshi said.

“Thank you. It is nice to have the richest person on the planet on my side,” Angel said, smiling.

Link to part 17: Setting Up the Meeting

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