Let’s Save the World this Afternoon

Part 15 of my third global warming science fiction novel “Last Week”. Link to Part 01: “Back To Paradise Era”.

Wednesday, February 8, 2023, 3:17 P.M.

“That was a nice nap,” Angel said, yawning. “I feel rested. The jet lag is gone. Let’s get this World saving business done.”

Satoshi had started up a computer and opened a browser window. He was waiting with that and a cup of coffee for Angel to join him. He was looking forward to finding out how she would proceed.

“First off, I need a base to work from. I’ll start a blog and a Twitter feed right now. What should I name the blog?” Angel asked.

“I don’t know. Didn’t you think about something like this before you started your mission?” Satoshi said.

“I did,” Angel said. “Of course I did. I have prepared for my mission. A lot. And I have discussed this with Zyana and my father. But don’t you have some ideas as well? They might be better than what I had in mind.”

“How about ‘Angel 2323’?” Satoshi said.

“That’s pretty obvious as a choice,” Angel said. “It doesn’t have much punch, but it will probably do for the moment. I’ll use it as the name for my Twitter feed.”

Satoshi watched as Angel tried to register that name.

“Damn! It’s already taken,” Angel said. “I give up. My mission failed. What’s for dinner?”

“What?” Satoshi said.

“Just kidding,” Angel said. “I would love to fail. But it will take a lot more than this to stop me. Let’s try that again. Maybe ‘Angel_2323’ is free. Yes. That works. Now for the blog.”

Angel navigated to a blogging platform site and opened an account. She called the blog “Angel_2323” as well. The original plan was slightly different, but she wanted Satoshi to feel he had contributed something to the effort. She would need his assistance a lot in the coming days.

“So, let’s get the basics out there in my first post. I need to introduce myself to your World,” Angel said.

She started typing. It didn’t take much time. It was true that she had trained for this mission, after all. This was her first draft:

“Hello World. I’m Angel, a Princess who has arrived with a time machine from 2323. I am a daughter of Nathaniel Glyde, Emperor of the World in 2323. As a side effect of the time travel, I have only less than one week left to live. I will disappear into thin air without trace once my time is up. So listen. You don’t have much time to get my message. Life on this planet will be exterminated if you fail.”

“What do you think?” Angel asked.

“You don’t want to tell them about the global warming part? And about Moros 27?” Satoshi asked.

“No. That will come later. I just want to establish who I am early on,” Angel said. “Anything else?”


“So, this will have to do for starters,” Angel said and hit the “publish” button.

“And what now?” Satoshi said.

“Now we start some controversy,” Angel said. “I think I’ll deal with Alexandrina first.”

“Alexandrina?” Satoshi asked.

“I mentioned her yesterday. She’s a blogger. Rather well known in the climate denial scene. I’ve studied her Wikipedia entry a lot. I know much more about her than she knows herself. I know where she will be going. She doesn’t. The strange thing about her blog is, she allows comments from all sides of the debate. I won’t have my comment deleted just because I disagree with her. That makes her an excellent target for my first move,” Angel explained.

“So, you are going to save the World by posting a comment to a global warming denial blog. That will work,” Satoshi said, smiling.

“Shut up and watch,” Angel said, smiling as well. She didn’t expect Satoshi to understand what she was doing.

Then she wrote this comment, entering it as a blog post on her own site as well.

“Hi, Alexandrina. Pleased to meet you. I’ve come a long way for the purpose. I just finished riding a time machine across 300 years, right from 2323, to arrive in your Century. The jet lag was killing me. It really was. But I have had some sleep since yesterday, so I am now back in shape.

“I’m a Princess. Daughter of Emperor Nathaniel Glyde. My mission is to tell you that you are completely wrong. Global warming will play out as the greatest tragedy humanity has ever experienced. Billions of people will die. And your blog will be responsible in part for that. That’s because as far as anyone believes you, they will delay the necessary measures to deal with the crisis. Which will make it worse.

“My father has installed a special commission of our finest historians, and they have calculated that your particular contribution to global warming had the effect of killing about 337,000 people. That’s quite an achievement! Not everybody gets to that level of lethality. Your parents should be so proud of you.

“Everyone in my World, the World of the 24th Century, hates you with a vengeance. You don’t want to know about the video games with a virtual Alexandrina Heathershaw in them that we have. You especially don’t want to know what the ‘solar cross’ game is. You really don’t.

“Of course, you may choose not to believe me. I would be surprised if there was any different reaction. Time machines are not exactly what you’d expect. I mean, in reality. Outside of a science fiction novel or something.

“But remember that your basic position is to be very careful about accepting the party line. That’s what ‘Galileo Now’ is about. It is certainly common sense that there is no such thing as time travel. But I know that there actually is. I just did it.

“It was a long trip. And I am paying a high price for the privilege of telling you that you are wrong. As a side effect of this time travel, I have only less than one week left before I disappear without a trace. I will be dead very soon.

“I am looking forward to meeting you in person. I mean, if you can spare a bit of time before I die. I am sure you will find the experience of interest. You may get an interesting blog post out of the deal. If I may say so, this story is somewhat bigger than the latest Non Standard Oil press release you just blogged about.

“I will try to arrange something. Please stay tuned. I will tell you where and when you need to show up later on.”

Angel posted this as a comment to Alexandrina’s blog post about the Non Standard Oil press release.

“It will be very interesting to see if she publishes that comment. I would expect her to do so. I am not in violation of any of the rules she has on her site for comments. And she really is very concerned about shutting out dissent,” Angel said. “And of course, there is one more thing.”

“What’s that?”

“She doesn’t accept the reality of global warming. She might as well believe in time machines as well,” Angel said.

Link to Part 16: Princess Angel and the Senator

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