Driving in a Tesla Roadster Special Final Edition 2012

Part 14 of my third global warming science fiction novel “Last Week”Link to Part 01: “Back To Paradise Era”.

Wednesday, February 8, 2023, 10:37 A.M.

“How do you like it?” Satoshi asked.

“It’s not bad,” Angel said. “I can understand how people in your World might want to do this.”

“You ever done that before?” Satoshi asked.

“Of course not. Remember the second Commandment of my World?” Angel said.

“I’m not sure. Sorry,” Satoshi said.

“Don’t waste energy,” Angel said. “It’s almost as important as ‘Don’t burn fossil fuel’.”

“We are not wasting energy,” Satoshi said. “We are driving this car for the very important purpose of keeping you entertained. We need to get this part of your mission over with quickly, so you can finally proceed to getting that little problem of global warming solved.”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t agree with that. Zyana would never have allowed something like this,” Angel said.

“Zyana?” Satoshi asked

“Zyana Zack. I mentioned her before. She’s my teacher in the 24th Century. She taught me from the moment I was born. Most of the things I ever learned, I learned from her.”

“So why wouldn’t she approve of driving a car?” Satoshi said. “This is a Tesla Roadster, one of only 15 ever made in the special final edition in 2012. Does this Zyana character have any idea how much I paid for this car?”

“She doesn’t. And she wouldn’t care. We are very wicked. Wasting energy,” Angel said. She was smiling as she said it. It looked like she enjoyed breaking this “Second Commandment”.

“But this is all solar power,” Satoshi objected. “I have a clause in my utility contract that requires all my power to come from solar.”

“That doesn’t mean much,” Angel said. “At least as far as the Second Commandment is concerned. Of course I wouldn’t have got into this car if there was any fossil fuel burnt in the process of generating the electricity it uses. But that’s all about the First Commandment. There are no exceptions to the First Commandment.”

“There are to the Second Commandment?” Satoshi asked.

“Actually no, though you don’t get the solar cross for violating it,” Angel said. “But this is a special case.”


“Because the Second Commandment is not in force in this World. It will take another hundred years before that happens. And because I’m trying to get myself to finally start my little project of killing my father. I need every bit of energy I can get,” Angel said.

“You are still in conflict about that?” Satoshi asked.

“Of course I am,” Angel said. “Would you enjoy killing your father?”

“No. Now that you mention it, of course not,” Satoshi said. “It must be very hard for you.”

“It is the hardest part of this whole crazy mission for me. If I succeed, everybody I ever knew will never be born. And I will succeed, once I start. There is no way I could fail,” Angel said.

They were driving in Satoshi’s Tesla Roadster sports car around the New York countryside. With no special destination. Satoshi had suggested this as a new experience for Angel. She had accepted the idea, explaining that people indeed never drove around just for the pleasure of the act in her World. And sports cars were gone as well. The last were produced around the beginning of the 22nd Century.

“So tell me some more about Zyana,” Satoshi said. “Do you have some happy memories of her?”

He was trying to cheer Angel up.

“Of course. I have lots of happy memories. Remember, our society puts a high value on happiness. Zyana taught me a lot about creative skills,” Angel said.

“Did you ever write a novel?” Satoshi asked. He was writing a lot of books himself.

“Of course. Everyone in our society does,” Angel said. “And I’m a Princess. I need to be a role model. It wouldn’t do at all for me to not write at least two books each year.”

“That’s interesting. With so many books around, who has the time to read them all?” Satoshi asked.

“Everyone. You need to read a lot before you start writing,” Angel said. “You should know that.”

“So what did Zyana teach you about writing?” Satoshi asked.

“The most important thing is to have fun at it,” Angel said. “Do you understand that part yourself?”

“Of course. That’s why I write,” Satoshi said. “I like the process. When I write, I am God. I can make anything happen. And if I don’t enjoy writing something, how will anybody ever enjoy reading it?”

“Exactly,” Angel said. “Of course there are also all the technical skills. I learned them all from Zyana.”

“How would she teach you?” Satoshi said.

“She’d give me some great novel to read. And then she would go through with me exactly what makes that novel a success. You need to understand the elements of success. And you need to have fun. Everything else is just a matter of writing a couple of million words and getting better by just doing it,” Angel explained.

“So did Zyana write as well?” Satoshi asked.

“Of course she did. Everyone does in my World. And she wouldn’t get to teach a Princess if she weren’t very good at that. I loved her books, and I was very fortunate to be able to discuss them directly with her.”

“So, have you made up your mind? Are you going to get started today?” Satoshi asked.

“I guess I should,” Angel said. “I really should. I promised my father. And  Zyana. And there is one other thing.”

“What would that be?” Satoshi asked.

“I need to prove you wrong. You always say I can’t do it. You will never believe me until I actually pull it off,” Angel said. “I’ll start after lunch. I’ll need an Internet connection, and your kind cooperation, if you don’t mind. I am aware that this is cutting into your writing time, of course.”

“That’s no problem. I don’t have a job, so I’ll always be able to write all day long once you’re gone. I wouldn’t want to miss one minute of this,” Satoshi said.

Link to Part 15: “Let’s Save the World this Afternoon”

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