24th Century Sex

Part 11 of my third global warming science fiction novel “Last Week”Link to Part 01: “Back To Paradise Era”.

Tuesday, February 7, 2023, 2:57 P.M.

“Wow. You run rather fast for a man your age,” Angel said, catching her breath. They were back in the apartment. There was no need to bother with a cab for the short distance from the steak house. It would have taken more time to wait for the taxi than it would have saved with the higher speed of the car.

“Hey!” Satoshi objected. “I work out all the time. And I run a lot as well.”

They walked right into the guest room Angel used.

“So, what do you expect from 24th Century sex?” Angel asked.

“I have honestly no idea,” Satoshi said. “But I guess I will find out in a moment.”

“Exactly. Let’s start with something very simple. The ‘Lady and the Unicorn’,” Angel said.

“What?” Satoshi said.

“The first principle of sex in our World is that you put some thought into it before starting. The second principle is that you always have a story. Of course, you don’t use the same story twice in a row. This story is very popular with beginners,” Angel explained.

“Sounds complicated,” Satoshi said.

“It is. But the good news is that you can leave that part fully to me. I don’t expect someone from your World to know anything about 24th Century sex,” Angel said.

Satoshi didn’t answer. He was slightly taken aback. Why was she always talking from above like that? Of course, she was a Princess or something in her World. But this could get on a guy’s nerves. Then again, he was looking forward to finding out about this mysterious “24th Century sex” stuff. And, if he thought about it, Angel was of course right. He didn’t have clue one about that.

“Go ahead,” Satoshi said, after a couple of moments.

“So, the story is ‘The Lady and the Unicorn’,” Angel said. “Are you familiar with the basics of that?”

“It sounds somewhat familiar. What are you talking about?” Satoshi asked.

“The famous six tapestries with that title woven in Flanders in the fifteenth Century, after designs from Paris,” Angel explained. “You have heard about them?”

“Actually, not really,” Satoshi said. “I’ve heard the title somewhere sometime. That’s about all.”

“So, this is a series of six pieces. Five are for the five senses, taste, hearing, sight, smell, and touch. Can you spot the connection to 24th Century sex?” Angel asked.

“You want all senses involved?” Satoshi said.

“Excellent. Exactly, we want all senses involved. And the last piece has the title  “À Mon Seul Désir”,  which means something like “my one desire”, though there are lots of other possible interpretations. People have been having fun through the centuries thinking of different ways of understanding this. What might that last piece mean?” Angel asked.

“I don’t know. But I’m sure you’ll tell me,” Satoshi said.

Angel started up a browser window with the desktop computer in her guest room and navigated to the Wikipedia page on the “Lady and the Unicorn”. She brought up the picture of the tapestry titled “Hearing”.


“Notice anything sexual about that picture?” Angel asked.

“No,” Satoshi said.

“But it’s rather obvious. See that unicorn on the right side? What’s the main feature of a unicorn?”

“Now that you mention it, there may be something,” Satoshi said, smiling.

“Of course. That is one very long and very hard object it has right on its head, isn’t it? I wonder what Freud might have had to say about it.”

“Actually, it is obvious, once you explain it,” Satoshi said. “I guess they had to do their porn in a more subtle way in the 15th Century.”

“And note that flag in the right upper corner? Why do you think it has legs, and an oval shaped hole, right where the horn is pointing to?” Angel asked.

“Isn’t that reading a bit too much into it?” Satoshi said.

“Maybe,” Angel agreed. “Anyway, what is the Lady doing there? To get the “Hearing” sense theme?”

“She’s playing a harp or something,” Satoshi said.

“Actually, it’s a portative organ,” Angel explained. “So what do we need as our first order of business?”

“An organ?” Satoshi was slightly confused. He didn’t understand where this was going.

“We’ll need your organ all right,” Angel said. “Later. And what we need now is some background music. We won’t have our hands free to play our own. What do you suggest?”

Satoshi opened another browser tab and navigated to Youtube. There he searched for “Rammstein” and opened a video file of one of their earlier concerts. Music filled the room. A song called “Rein. Raus.”

“That’s a good start,” Angel said. “Now for two other things about the “Hearing” sense.”

“What?” Satoshi said.

“For one, reactions,” Angel said. “Kindly put your hand between my legs for a moment. Right under my skirt.”

Satoshi obliged. He had actually done this before. It was not difficult for him to do at all. He felt kind of relieved that some of the basics had not changed in the 24th Century.

“Mmmmm,” Angel moaned softly, putting her mouth close to Satoshi’s right ear.

“You can take your hand back now,” she said. “Do you get my point?”


“It’s very simple. You want to make your partner hear a reaction. Don’t just act like a piece of furniture,” Angel explained. “Can you do that?”

“Yes,” Satoshi said. “I have never thought of that. I must admit it. But now that you mention it, I can put a bit of conscious effort into making you hear some reactions. It should not be too difficult.”

“We are making some progress,” Angel said. “Sorry for taking so much time. These things would not need explaining for someone who had basic schooling in 24th Century sex. One more point about the “Hearing” sense.”

Satoshi said nothing. He was not getting impatient with all these explanations. He was, after all, curious about Angel’s World.

“That last point is also the second principle. You want to have a story. Tell me a story that makes me feel hot,” Angel said. “It is a very important part of the process.”

“I could do that, I guess,” Satoshi said. “I have written porn short stories. But I have no clue what kind of story would push your buttons.”

“Okay,” Angel said. “I’ll provide the story this time. Listen.”

Satoshi sat back, closed his eyes, and listened.

“This is a very strange story,” Angel said. “I am going to pretend something completely crazy.

“In my story, I am not a Princess who came back from the 24th Century with a time machine, which is perfectly reasonable and actually true. I am a common girl from your Century. You paid me for sex, and I am going to provide it. Note how I choose the story to make you feel comfortable? It is a crazy story. I have to admit it. But the basic premise is close to what you usually get.

“I am very good at my job. And I am very proud of that fact. So, just for the hell of it, I propose you a bet. I say that I will get you ready to come in less than five minutes. If I can’t do it, you won’t have to pay. And then I proceed to apply my extraordinary skill and charms to have you ready in half that time.

“Do you like that story?” Angel asked.

“Yes,” Satoshi said. “That’s not bad as a basic idea.”

“Let’s move on,” Angel said. She opened the next picture in the series. It was titled “Touch”.


“Note how the Lady’s hand is grabbing that long and hard horn in that picture?” Angel said. “Remarkable, isn’t it? I mean, for the 15th Century and all?”

“I wonder what that might be supposed to mean.” Satoshi said, smiling from ear to ear.

Angel showed him right there. While the place she was grabbing was not quite as long as the unicorn horn in the picture, it was certainly already as hard…

…which was the start of an amazing session of 24th Century sex that lasted for the next couple of hours, involving all five senses and an explanation of the mystery of what “À Mon Seul Désir” means.

When they were finished with that, it was Satoshi’s turn to show Angel a thing or two about 21st Century sex. It was much more direct and simple, but quite effective as well.

They didn’t bother using protection. Angel would be dead in a week anyway, so there was no need to worry about getting pregnant.

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