Reading Angel’s Mind

Part 09 of my third global warming science fiction novel “Last Week”Link to Part 01: “Back To Paradise Era”.


Tuesday, February 7, 2023, 2:21 P.M.

“So, should we go back to your place and have some sex?” Angel asked.

Satoshi blushed again. He didn’t answer. These Princesses from the 24th Century were always so direct in addressing these kinds of issues.

“It is actually a very difficult question,” Angel said. “I’ll explain in a moment. Do you have a lot of sex?”

“Yes. Of course,” Satoshi said. “I’m rich. Rich people always get as much of anything as they want. Food. Nice apartments and clothes. Fast cars. And as many beautiful women as I can handle. I am very lucky. I really am. But I don’t usually do it with someone I don’t pay for the purpose.”

“Why not?” Angel said.

“I don’t like the idea of getting attached. Most women would get strange ideas about what I am allowed to do or not do with other women,” Satoshi explained. “Some of the more alert ones might even notice the source and the amount of my wealth. That would not do at all.”

“No problem on that account,” Angel said. “I’ll be dead in a week. Actually, it’s good to know that you are used to constant change. You won’t get involved emotionally.”

“What about you? Did you have a lot of sex in your World?” Satoshi asked.

“Of course,” Angel said. “I’m a very rich person in my World. A Princess. And our society has got rid of negative rape. We have enough to worry about already without that.”

“What’s ‘negative rape’?” Satoshi asked.

“Just what you might think it is. What you and we call rape is forcing somebody to have sex even if they don’t want it. Negative rape is forcing someone not to have sex, even if they and their prospective partner do want it. It is a very common problem in your society. Two people want to get it on but some third party forces them to stop. This of course is a great way to assert power for that third party. It takes a lot of power to override the natural sex drive,” Angel explained.

“So you like sex?” Satoshi asked.

“Of course I do,” Angel said. “Everybody does, if they are allowed to decide for themselves about the matter. Remember the Ninth Commandment of my World?”

“Have fun?”

“Exactly. Having a rich sex life is part of that. We teach it as one of the essential subjects in our schools, along with computer gaming. We need every bit of happiness we can get, you know,” Angel said.

“So, what’s so difficult? You said you’d explain in a moment,” Satoshi said.

“Yes. Let’s start that. It’s very difficult. I can’t possibly explain with words,” Angel said.

“So? If not with words, how do you plan to go ahead with that explanation?” Satoshi said. “Remember, we’re in public here. No lewd stuff in public, please.”

“Wait a moment,” Angel said.

She activated the Glaring Glasses and put them in mind-reading mode. Then she handed them to Satoshi.

“Put these on again, please,” Angel said.

Satoshi put the Glasses on. There was no rock music blasting through his mind this time. For a moment, he couldn’t even see much of a change.

But then, all of a sudden, he understood nine different things Angel thought and felt in that moment. He was in her head. The amount of information flooding him was overwhelming. It took him some time to get his bearings.

There were three strong feelings.

There were three strong convictions.

And there were three horrible fears.

The first strong feeling was simple. Angel wanted to get it on with Satoshi. She was looking forward to getting back to the apartment right after finishing here. While he was not surprised Angel might be interested in him, the level of passion did surprise him somewhat. Satoshi was slightly frightened by the raw force of the sentiment. He usually didn’t care much what the women he paid for sex felt. And he did not assume they were in it for anything more than the money. Which suited him just fine.

The second strong feeling was one of deep love for Nathanial Glyde, her father. Satoshi learned in one short flash all she knew about the Emperor. How he had always guided her lessons, together with her teacher Zyana Zack. How he had shown her his love in a million ways since her first memories. How he had decided to send her back on this suicide mission to the 21st Century, refusing to show his grief at the inevitable decision.

The third strong feeling was hate. Hate for the stupidity and greed that made global warming possible. He was tempted to rip the Glasses off his face, so as to escape the destructive force of this emotion. He barely managed to keep going by directing his attention back to the other two, more positive feelings.

Then the first conviction filled his mind. Angel would never, ever break a promise. The Fifth Commandment. Don’t damage your reputation. She had made a solemn oath to her father. She would kill Nathaniel Glyde, her father, and everybody else alive in the 24th Century by succeeding with her mission. Satoshi saw a flashback to the scene where that happened right.

He saw the Emperor, sitting in his main office of the World Government Palace, wearing a suit without a necktie. Much like leaders in the 21st Century. He saw him explaining the mission to Angel. He saw him make her promise to follow through, even if it meant that he and everybody else in Angel’s World would never be born.

The second conviction took over. Angel was absolutely sure that she would not fail. She would solve this little global warming problem in her last week, with ample time to spare to eat some Paradise Era food and have some fun in the process. Satoshi was almost overwhelmed by the force of that conviction and started to believe it himself, improbable as it seemed.

Then his mind was directed to the third conviction. The mind-reading mode of the Glasses worked mostly on autopilot. Angel thought that, even with all the misery in her World, it was much superior to the World she had come back to in her mission. She was not really here to enjoy the Paradise Era, Satoshi understood. There must be some other motive. But he couldn’t understand that just now.

Then the three horrible fears filled his mind, one after the other in very quick succession, and every one worse than the previous. He wouldn’t be able to stand them for any longer than a couple of moments.

The first fear was that of dying. Angel knew she had only one week left. She was afraid of being dead after that time was up, just like anyone would be.

The second fear was that of succeeding in her mission and dooming her father to death. She was very afraid of how she would react to that.

And the third and most horrible fear was that of some unnamed doom he couldn’t quite understand. The Glasses showed him only an extremely short glimpse of it, for a fraction of a second. It was a dark shadow of extreme evil power, threatening to annihilate the World.

It was so powerful that he ripped the Glasses off his face in one swift instinctive move he was unable to control.

Pale from the experience, Satoshi handed the Glaring Glasses back to Angel.

“You understand?” Angel asked.

“No,” Satoshi said. “The only thing I understand is that you were right. It’s impossible to explain with mere words.”

“And it gets even worse,” Angel said. “What you just saw was just what I am thinking and feeling right now. It changes all the time. Just like with your inner conflicts. If you have any, that is.”

“Wouldn’t you know? You could see them with those glasses, couldn’t you?” Satoshi said.

“I guess I could. I have to admit it. But I wouldn’t do it if you didn’t want me to. I think it would be inappropriate to do something like that without your consent. Do you have any strong inner conflicts?” Angel said.

“Actually, not really. I am kind of thinking about what I should do with the rest of my life, though. Being rich, living a great life, creating some books and stories, all that isn’t bad. But I haven’t moved the World with anything since I started the Bitcoin network. It’s been over ten years. Maybe I should find some other interesting task. I don’t know,” Satoshi said.

“How about solving global warming as a task?” Angel said.

“That won’t do. You’ll have that covered before the week is over.” Satoshi managed to smile again.

Link to part 10: Stop Global Warming, Yes or No?

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