Almost Accurate Address Found at MtGox Site

It shouldn’t be headline news that the leading Bitcoin exchange actually gets the disclosure of its address half right on its website, but it still is.

Until now I thought that MtGox only displayed the non-existing address “Sarugaokacho 26-1, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo”, which is still the only thing to be found in their English language website.

It is in the “Terms of Use“, and even though they should be aware of the problem, they still have not corrected it one week after I pointed it out. I don’t understand why.

Now I just noticed that they are actually displaying an almost accurate address in the Japanese version of those “Terms of Use”.

There it says


That would be 2-11-6 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Grand Cross 5th Floor. And that was correct until recently.

As Mark Karpeles tweeted recently:

@Kf_Lenz@rogerkver if you look at the building on the right of the old one you’ll see we are now there, on 2F, 7F and 8F

So it’s not because of a desire to hide as a preparation for running away with their customers’ funds, or for some other motive. I suspect they are just to busy with other, more important affairs, than to bother with getting this basic disclosure right.

And while I’m at it: That relocation to the building on the right expanded their office space by a factor of three. Looks like they plan to expand their business and stay around. If they had problems paying dollars to the American customers because of lacking funds (as opposed to because of bottlenecks with Japanese banks), it wouldn’t make much sense to triple the office space.

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