I’ll Solve Global Warming Later

Part 05 of my third global warming science fiction novel “Last Week”Link to Part 01: “Back To Paradise Era”.


Tuesday, February 7, 2023, 5:17 A.M.

“Are you gay?” Angel asked. “I need to know. Tell me.”

They had left the bar and taken a cab to one of Satoshi’s apartments. Angel was relieved to see that Satoshi had asked for an electric vehicle. She would have had great trouble riding a stinking gasoline car without throwing up. The mere thought made her sick.

“No,” Satoshi said, as he turned the key, blushing. “Why do you ask?”

“Well, since I am staying at your place for the next week, you might get tempted to get a piece of me. If you are not gay, I mean. This is your only chance ever to do it with a Princess from the 24th Century, after all. We need to get this cleared up early on,” Angel said. “I need to know what to expect.”

“I’m sorry,” Satoshi said. “I really am. But I’m not that kind of guy. I won’t do it with someone I barely know.”

He was actually telling the truth. Strange things happen in this world. Even weirder than time travel from the 24th Century.

“I see. No need to apologize. I am sure you will reconsider shortly, once you are more familiar with my charming personality. We will discuss the point again once that happens,” Angel said. “Can you manage a kiss, though?”

Satoshi didn’t answer. He blushed again.

Before he had a chance to avoid her, Angel quickly put her mouth over his mouth. And backed away in the next moment.

“See? That wasn’t too difficult, was it?” Angel said.

“Yes. I can do that much,” Satoshi said. “Actually, that wasn’t too bad. I kind of liked it. Thanks.”

“You’re welcome. We’ll leave it at that now. I wouldn’t want to show disrespect for your feelings,” Angel said. “Where is my room?”

“You can have this guest room,” Satoshi said, showing the way.

The apartment had two guest rooms, each with their own bath unit and Internet access.

“Do you live here?” Angel asked.

“No. I use this place only occasionally. But if you don’t mind, I would like to stick around. Your story is completely crazy. I don’t believe one word of it. But it is most entertaining. I would like to use it in one of my next books,” Satoshi said.

“Excellent. I am happy to see that you get something out of the deal. I am using your money and your apartment after all. And I am not even paying you with sex. Also, you are moderately smart and do seem to have some money. So your help will come in handy for my little mission to save future generations from the misery of global warming,” Angel said. “What are you writing right now?”

“I have a couple of projects running in parallel. One mystery novel. A porn short story. And another novel, science fiction, with some vampires thrown in for good measure.”

“Sounds interesting. I need to read some of your books some time. Maybe next week,” Angel said.

“You won’t be around next week.” Satoshi said.

“I know. I was making what you refer to as a ‘joke’ in this Century. Though, when I think about it, it is not ever so funny. Some black humor,” Angel said.

“So, what is the plan? How are you going to save the World in less than a week?”

“I don’t have a whole week for that. I need to get the more important part of the mission done first,” Angel said.

“More important than solving global warming?” Satoshi asked.

“Don’t you remember? I am here to enjoy the pleasures of the Paradise Era. I sacrificed over fifty years of life expectancy for this one week. This better be good,” Angel said. “I’ll solve global warming later. When I’m done with having a good time.”

“Your story is getting crazier by the minute. You don’t have much of a chance to succeed in your mission of stopping global warming in just one week in the first place. And you want to use only part of your remaining time for that? You’ll fail,” Satoshi said.

“No. I won’t fail at all. Wait and see. It’s very easy for me to do, once I decide I actually want to do it. That’s the hard part, you know,” Angel said.

“Why is that hard? You said you have prepared for this mission. Why would you have second thoughts now that you have a chance to succeed?” Satoshi said. “I don’t understand.”

“It’s actually rather easy to understand. You see, once I start messing in a big way with the future, everyone I ever knew and loved in my World will cease to exist. There would be no Empire without the global warming crisis. No Emperor Nathaniel Glyde, my dear father. No Zyana Zack, my dear teacher. My first lover, who was really cute. He blushed quite the same as you did when I kissed him the first time. My second lover. My third lover. My little sister. They would all vanish,” Angel explained.

“But you must have known that before you came here,” Satoshi said.

“Of course. But it still isn’t easy to kill your own father, once the time comes to actually do it,” Angel said. “I’ll be dead in a week. I accept that. That is the price I am paying to save humanity. I got to eat a hamburger in the deal. With a vanilla milkshake, even. I will get some more of the fantastic food of Paradise Era. I might even get to make love to you later on. But it is still very hard for me to go through with my mission and kill everyone else I have ever known in the process,” Angel said. A tear was forming in her right eye.

“I see,” Satoshi said. “But you are going to do it?”

“Yes,” Angel said. “That’s why I’m here. But not now. It will have to wait.”

“I see,” Satoshi said.

“Now, if you don’t mind, I would like to get a bit of sleep. I had a long trip. Three hundred years! These time trips always make you so tired. Especially the long ones. I’m exhausted. It’s just like jet lag, but on a much larger scale. It will take a day or two before I get over that,” Angel said. “Could you kindly wake me up in a couple of hours?”

“Yes,” Satoshi said. “I’ll grab some sleep myself and set an alarm clock. How about ten o’clock? Would that be okay?”

“Sounds good to me,” Angel said. “See you later, then.”

Link to Part 06: “I’m Satoshi”

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