Where Is MtGox?

MtGox is a large name in Bitcoin. They have a lot of influence in the market. I have bought all my Bitcoins at MtGox, since it is conveniently located in Japan (where I am as well).

If you wanted to find out where their office is, you would be disappointed when clicking on the “About” link of their home page.

If you happen to have some inside knowledge, you may think that the address given at tibanne.com is correct. You would have been right until recently. However, I regularly walk around that place, and I just noted that there is some other company right now in the fifth floor of that building.

Where has MtGox gone?

Looking for further clues, I finally found an address in the MtGox “Terms of Use“. It reads “Sarugaokacho 26-1, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo”.

Unfortunately, that’s not a real address. There is no “Sarugaokacho” in Shibuya.

Maybe it is “Sarugakucho”?

I had a look at Google Maps Street View and came up with this:


That doesn’t look like an office address.

Heading over to Wikipedia’s article on Shibuya, I find that there is a district called “Sakuragaokacho”.

Here is the Google Street View of that address:



That’s more like it. I plan to check if I can find them there, since I am in the area every day.

If someone from MtGox happens to read this post, I have a couple of comments.

For one, it doesn’t really inspire much confidence if you don’t give at least an address in your “About Us” page. Under European standards, one would also expect for the very least a registration number for whatever company is running MtGox.

Having only the address and having that pop up only in the “Terms of use”, and on top of that spelling it wrong so that the address given doesn’t actually exist: That doesn’t look very professional.

MtGox may want to improve on this sorry state of affairs.

Update: Mark Karpeles kindly replied by Twitter like this:

@Kf_Lenz@rogerkver if you look at the building on the right of the old one you’ll see we are now there, on 2F, 7F and 8F

I had done some legwork before and walked up to the building shown above (the “Cerulean Tower”), and there was no trace of MtGox or Tibanne to be found.

Had me worried for a moment there that this was more than a failure to disclose the office location on the web page.

Update 2: I have just walked over there and found that, indeed, MtGox is located exactly where Karpeles said it is.

Mystery solved.


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Professor at Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo. Author of Lenz Blog (since 2003, lenzblog.com).

5 thoughts on “Where Is MtGox?

  1. Good work researching this ! Nice to see someone finally tracking them down.
    Why not push your way in the door and demand an interview asking about the current USD withdrawal issues and the new Midas engine while your there ?


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