My Third Global Warming Science Fiction Novel “Last Week”

I have written a third global warming science fiction novel, this time with a strong Bitcoin theme, called “Last Week”. It shows that our little global warming problem can easily be solved in a week or two.

Here is the cover:


Here is the short summary of the story:

Princess Angel travels back in time from 2323 to warn us of the horrific consequences of global warming. She has her work cut out for her convincing people that she’s for real. Will she be able to make her voice heard in time? Or will humanity ignore its last chance in her last week alive?
With the help of Satashi Nakamoto, she just might have a chance.

Last Week is the first global warming science fiction Bitcoin novel ever written. And it’s hot!

You can read it either as a FREE PDF file (the whole book in one file), or in a series of 52 individual posts on this blog, starting with this link to Part 01.

A printed edition is available at Createspace for $10.77.

The Kindle version is available at here for $0.99, and at here for 1o4 yen.

Please use the abbreviated address to spread the word.

Update: The novel has won a “NEVIL” (NOTED CLI-FI NOVELS OF THE YEAR) award for 2014.

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