Enemy of Renewable Energy FDP Out of German Bundestag

Good news from Germany: In yesterday’s election the FDP failed to clear 5 percent of the vote and will get no seats in the next Bundestag (Parliament).

I’m a former FDP voter, since I liked their position on civil liberties. But more than that I strongly dislike their opposition to renewable energy. They have been trying to brake and disrupt deployment.

With the FDP out, that leaves exactly zero parties in the Bundestag supporting the proposal of replacing the successful feed-in tariff with a renewable portfolio standard, recently floated again by the Monopolkommission. It didn’t have a chance anyway, but this election result makes that point even clearer.

The party I voted for, the Green Party, hasn’t done well either. They lost 2.3 percent compared to the last Bundestag election, receiving 8.4 percent of the vote . Unfortunately that probably means that Hans-Josef Fell, their leading expert on renewable energy, won’t be reelected. He wrote before the election that the Greens would need to clear about 11.5 percent in Bavaria, and they only got 8.4 percent there. (Update: It’s official, Fell didn’t make it).

With the FDP gone, we will probably see another CDU and SPD coalition government. They will need to discuss what to do about the outdated and failed “merit order” electricity market, and which changes to the feed-in tariff will be necessary. I have no idea what the result of these discussions may be.

But having the FDP out of these discussions is a large step forward.


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4 thoughts on “Enemy of Renewable Energy FDP Out of German Bundestag

  1. Salute to all the German people for leading the way toward Energy Freedom from RISKY nuclear and DIRTY Coal by developing Solar (of all flavors) Technology, which the rest of the Planet will soon be asking to buy…

    It is good to see that the German people are looking forward to making not only their Big Businesses but also their residential customers happy!

    One thing is for certain, by working together instead of against each other and installing energy upgrades and a far better grid to enable them now, they all will prosper in the future, since doing it later will be far more expensive!

    I think of it as Germany is now investing in their Energy Future, instead of having to spend far more to buy new technology from others later on, because as we all know, the World’s resources are limited and things will only get far more expensive later on.

    The first Countries to become Energy independent, will be far safer and positioned to lead in the future!


    1. Thank you for kindly sending readers.

      I just bought your book (Kindle version) and am looking forward to reading it. If it is about global warming, I will add it to my list of global warming fiction books for the very least. šŸ™‚


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