Book Review: Sixty Days and Counting, by Kim Stanley Robinson

This book (Amazon link) qualifies for my list of global warming fiction books. It is the last in a series of three books.

Actually, the book is not only about global warming. There are several unrelated subplots. One is a completely weird idea about exorcism and Buddhism or something. Very annoying. Another one is a plot to steal a presidential election, and some thriller motives associated with that. I was not able to understand who was supposed to actually have done what even after reading to the end. There is another rather annoying endless mountain trekking story, which doesn’t make much sense. The main characters are supposed to be busy doing something about the global warming crisis.

Some of the parts about global warming are not without interest. For example, this book presents a couple of solutions. For example, it proposes pumping sea water into lakes or onto the Antarctic pole as a geo-engineering countermeasure to sea level rise. I had not heard that idea.

I guess the good news is that this is not ever so hard to beat for other authors who want to write a good fiction book on global warming.

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