Bitcoin Firstbits

Someone just opened a new Bitcoin service where you can check which address is the first in the blockchain to use a given string at the beginning.

I am pleased to see that the first address using “1KfLenz” at the beginning is the one I use at the moment, see this previous post, 1KfLenzmpCEjNhdNs2Y6txuaJAFLUNzfjZ.

The nice thing is that I can just remember this as  ““. Assuming the operator of that site doesn’t suddenly start to replace results with something else, I can always point someone to that page to check my address.

On the other hand, I can also point them to my blog post about my new address, and that may be slightly safer. If it actually is depends on if my blog is more easily hacked than the service above (and of course on the honesty of whoever is running that site).

In the future, this kind of service would probably not be offered by some random person on the Internet, but by some big company people trust, just as the service of issuing certificates for electronic signatures right now.

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