Solar in Germany Down to 1,000 Euro a KW

Says Ashley Seager in this article at the Guardian titled “Renewable energy’s clean, cheap and here – what’s stopping us?

He knows that from his own experience running a company called AEA solar GmbH that is actually installing solar on German barn roofs. He also explains that this means a 70% reduction in price over the last three years. That’s pretty significant speed.

He then goes on to say that his company is now starting to sell the electricity not to the grid under feed-in tariffs, but directly to the farmers that deliver the space on barn roofs. At those prices that makes sense for both sides now.

Thanks to Wolfgang Sterk for the link.

While this is of course great news for deploying solar in Germany and elsewhere, it is also potential trouble for the feed-in tariff system.

If those German farmers stop buying their electricity from the grid and instead produce it themselves, the amount of electricity the feed-in tariff is distributed over sinks by that amount of self-consumption. That will be another reason for surcharges to rise.

That in turn will drive more people into self-consumption and leave less people shouldering the burden. There might be a feedback loop that works very fast.

The proposal to gradually get self-consumption (with a threshold of 2 MW capacity) into the feed-in tariff by Altmaier and Rösler was supported by the opposition parties, but it was shelved with everything else.

Maybe people will need to get back discussing self-consumption after the elections are over.

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