Global Warming Fiction Book “Yongala”

This book by Guy Lane has been published at Smashwords earlier this year. The author kindly sent me a file suited for reading on my Kindle device free of charge.

The book takes a real maritime disaster, the sinking of the “SS Yongala”, which happened in 1911. It then adds an interesting global warming angle.

The premise is that Professor Portland has developed a “smoke engine”, which would be able to displace coal use. Portland is well aware of global warming coming from the emission of “carbonic acid”, as CO2 was called at the time. His invention is supposed to do something about it.

That doesn’t sit well with the “Queensland Coal Board”, the villains in this novel. The Board sends a mercenary to kill the professor and destroy his prototype. Both are on board of the “Yongala”, which provides the stage for some fighting and disaster scenes.

I liked the fact that this novel has a solution for global warming, though it probably would not work in real life. It is based on burning biomass.

I also liked how the lead character (the mercenary) is developed, with a lot of inner conflict.

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