Trying To Ban Tesla Should Backfire

Apparently, some car dealers in the American State of North Carolina are trying to purchase legislation that would make it illegal for Tesla to sell their award-winning cars in the State. This article at Huffington Post by a young woman race car driver called Leilani Münter describes these plans.

I think these car dealers should be ashamed. This is completely bogus legislation. How stupid to they think consumers are? Of course everybody will see through this attempt of trying to hide from the superior product of a competitor.

I hear that there are some problems with money influencing American politics. So the cowardly car dealers trying to pull this off might very well succeed in their anti-competitive legislation efforts.

The good news, however, is that there is hardly a better way to increase the popularity and the fame of Tesla cars than putting such a ban in place.

I mean, the article at Huffington Post I cited above is a wet dream for any car producer. It is hard to imagine a more effective commercial, and Tesla doesn’t need to pay a dime for having the Huffington Post run that.

And that article could obviously not have been written without the friendly help of the stupid coward car dealers trying to buy this legislation.

If that legislation project succeeds, there will be a big spike in Tesla sales in the fine State of North Carolina before it takes effect. And there will be tours organized to some other State where buying these cars is still legal, and Tesla may even be willing to pick up a part of the tab for that.

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