Get Lost, IEA

The International Energy Agency seems to have prepared a “Policy Review” of German energy policy, and “Executive Director” Maria van Der Hoeven has given a speech at the German Ministry of Economy to introduce some of their ideas.

For people not so familiar with the details of German energy policy, let’s recall that the Minister of Economy is a member of the FDP. The FDP is hostile to renewable energy. It needs to get kicked out of the Bundestag (Parliament) in the coming elections. If that does not happen, the transition to renewable energy will be much slower and more costly than with a SPD and Green government in charge.

So having the IEA speaking there is already a very bad sign.

And then, I read this absolutely infuriating statement in the speech, helpfully underlined for emphasis:

The rapid, uncontrolled deployment of PV has become a major policy concern and represents a significant cost for consumers.

This clearly shows that the IEA is hostile to solar energy. It also removes the need to look at the rest of the speech, or any policy document the IEA might come up with.

You write this kind of stuff, my only comment is, GET LOST, IEA.

But while I am at it, here is another gem from the the rest of the speech.

On page six she actually supports the paper by Ministers Altmaier and Rösler of February this year. Hasn’t she heard that that paper has been defeated by the opposition parties? Doesn’t she know that it has failed?

Fortunately, the IEA doesn’t get to decide German policy. Their advice is relevant only as much as people are inclined to listen to them. I will certainly not be listening.

And fortunately, the “Policy Review” paper on Germany is hidden behind a paywall. That will limit the damage somewhat. People are expected to shell out EUR60 for the privilege of reading the IEA anti-renewable propaganda. Count me as not interested in that.

Instead, I have removed the link from this blog to the IEA home page. I am not linking to anti-renewable propaganda organisations, and I have realized that the IEA qualifies under that category. I regret the error I made in linking to them in the first place.

The first order of business for a new SPD/Green government after the upcoming elections should be to get Germany out of the IEA.

For more on how the IEA is wrong on everything and a propaganda outfit for the fossil fuel industry, I recommend reading this recent paper at German Green Party Member of Parliament Hans-Josef Fell’s website, titled “The partiality of international energy institutions as exemplified by the International Energy Agency (IEA) in Paris”.


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