Craig Morris Retires Fossil Nuke German Coal Myth

Craig Morris just posted at with the nice headline “Germany builds minus six coal plants after nuclear phaseout”.

Based on this source by the German NGO “Deutsche Umwelthilfe” (PDF), he looks in detail at which coal power plants projects were started and finished exactly when. The result is that no coal power plants are currently built, and plans for six have been abandoned since the decision to phase out nuclear.

It would be nice if the Fossil Nukes attacking Germany would stop spreading their fantasies about all those new coal power plants Germany built after 2011. That however can only happen if they are interested in facts, even if they don’t match their propaganda needs.

Based on my experience, I would be surprised to see it. I recall Barry Brook tweeting this nonsense recently:

Germany will start up more coal-fired power stations than at any time in the past 20 years due to nuclear closure:

But the nice thing is that I don’t need to write about this any more. Just pointing to this post by Craig Morris will be enough whenever this particular anti-German propaganda talking point pops up in the future.

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One thought on “Craig Morris Retires Fossil Nuke German Coal Myth

  1. Don’t be so optimistic.
    There are no GUDs either.
    Ouer today- government is fossil/nukes
    We have elections in September, but it is open.
    The influence of the lobby is imence. See INSM, Bertelsmann, and their connections to US “thinktanks”


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