Clean Energy Ministerial 2013

The “Clean Energy Ministerial” is an informal cooperation project where once a year energy ministers of the major industrialized countries meet. Topics are renewable energy, energy efficiency, and access to energy.

This year’s meeting just finished in India. The Clean Energy Ministerial has a dedicated website, and they give some information about the results on their blog, in a post titled “World Energy Leaders Take Action On Clean Energy”. Next year Korea will host the conference.

I have looked at the blog post and some PDF files providing background information. But as far as I can tell, they didn’t even discuss energy from the desert. That is unfortunate. This kind of forum would be exactly the right place to discuss how to get these large-scale international projects up to speed.

That said, there were a couple of interesting highlights.

For one, they are sponsoring a competition for energy efficient technology. This year, television screens were the object of the competition. Samsung won. That means that they can now use that fact in their advertising efforts. More people will buy Samsung television screens and use less electricity as a result.

Next up is a competition for the most efficient electric motor. As I learned from their releases, actually 43% of the World’s electricity is used by motors. So this makes sense as a target for the next step.

They have also released a “Global Electric Vehicle Outlook”. See this report at CleanProgress.

As a result of this initiative, a global quality standard and test method for solar LED lanterns has been published in April of this year.

All of which is nice, but there really should be some discussion on Desertec in this forum.


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