Alternative Explanation of the Basic Contradiction

Reposted, first posted on July 17, 2012. I am reposting a couple of things I have written about Crichton and his “State of Fear” novel, which is the most harmful book in history, since I am just publishing my second global change science fiction novel “Tasneem”, and that novel is in part an answer to Crichton.

I recall the short description of my global warming science fiction novel “Great News”:

How can humanity be both so clever as to develop modern civilization in the first place and so dumb as to burn all the fossil fuel?

This novel presents the only possible explanation to this basic contradiction: the evil alien hypnotist theory.

I recall also this earlier post, where I concluded that this so-called “global warming” crisis can’t possibly be true:

I just noted that this so called “global warming” crisis can’t possibly be actually happening.

How could humanity ever be simultaneously so clever as to develop civilization in the first place, but so dumb as to burn all the fossil fuel, permanently ruining the planet in the process?

How can this basic contradiction be explained?

I might have an explanation. But I can’t talk about it right now, for reasons that will become clear later on.

But if there is no logical explanation for this basic contradiction, the only conclusion left is that all this is not real, but just a nightmare.

I hope to wake up any time to a world where this basic contradiction doesn’t exist.

Now I have noted another rational explanation for the basic contradiction that does not involve an evil alien hypnotist.

It is theoretically possible that humanity was much smarter when it developed modern civilization than it is right now. People might have become, on average, massively more stupid.

I bring this up because Michael Crichton discusses eugenics in relation to global warming in his novel “State of Fear”, which I am paying a lot of attention to in the last weeks. In his “Appendix II” he cites eugenics as an example where previous generations believed in a crisis that did not turn out to be, after all, true.

I don’t understand how someone who is so unsure about the simple fact of global warming can be so sure that present generations are not, in fact, dumber than a hundred years ago.

Humanity has gotten, on average, either smarter or dumber in the last century. All things equal, I suppose it would be preferable to have the first of these alternatives actually having happened.

But how would we know? There is no way to directly compare the intelligence of humans living now to those living a hundred years before.

If one just assumes that the basic idea of eugenics was true and present generations are actually more stupid on average than those a hundred years earlier, we would of course be less able to understand that basic fact.

So, there it is. Another possible explanation for the basic contradiction. So, possibly, this “global warming” crisis is happening after all.

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