Fact-checking Michael Crichton on renewable energy

Repost, first published on July 13, 2012. I am reposting a couple of things I have written about Crichton and his “State of Fear” novel, which is the most harmful book in history, since I am just publishing my second global change science fiction novel “Tasneem”, and that novel is in part an answer to Crichton.

He has his character Kenner say this in “State of Fear”:

“No country in the world produces thirty-five percent renewable energy, Ann.” (Location 7388 in the Kindle edition)

Actually, there is quite an impressive list of countries who get over 60 percent.

One of the problems with discussing statements on energy or global warming in a work of fiction is that one can never be sure if that particular statement is supposed be fictional or the truth.

But one can be quite sure what is the truth in the real world, and it is not what Crichton asserts here.

I am posting this in the “Great News” category, since I am looking more closely at “State of Fear” because I have published a science fiction novel on global warming myself recently.

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