Michael Crichton Was Richt

(Repost, first published on June 26, 2012, spelling in the headline messed up intentionally to generate attention). I will repost a couple of things I have written about Crichton and his “State of Fear” novel, which is the most harmful book in history, since I am just publishing my second global change science fiction novel “Tasneem”, and that novel is in part an answer to Crichton.

Lately, I have been looking very closely at “State of Fear“, Michael Crichton‘s techno-thriller novel about climate change published in 2004.

I have read that before, since I read most of Crichton’s more successful books. The reason to take another look was this search result on Google for “global warming science fiction novel”.

It shows my review of “Terrene” on the top spot and my global warming science fiction novel “Great News” on the second. That’s nice. 🙂

Update for the repost: I have dropped to place 3 in that particular search with “Great News”, but I still beat Crichton who shows up at place 4. Crichton still beats me on sales, though.

And then there are a couple of references to “State of Fear” on the top page. The top one of those is an article at realclimate.org debunking the various errors in Crichton’s book with the title “Michael Crichton’s State of Confusion“.

That got me interested again. I have spent quite a lot of time lately looking at that book.

And one preliminary conclusion is that Crichton was right. Global warming was not a problem. At least not for him personally, since he died in 2008 from causes completely unrelated.

The same thing will be true for many other people living right now. They, personally, won’t have to deal with the consequences, while reaping the vast benefits of using fossil fuels.

I am 54 years old now and expect that I won’t see much of the more nasty consequences in my lifetime as well. Many of them take at least centuries (very brief periods when discussing climate history) to actually fully play out.

I may have to say more about this book later. For now, let’s close with a haiku I posted before:

Burn all the fuel

We will live in luxury

They will live in hell.

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