James Hansen Halfway Understanding Phaseout Profit Theory In 2008

James Hansen is leaving NASA and will concentrate on climate activism, as Andrew Revkin just reported. Thanks to this tweet by Jonathan Foley for the link.

Revkin has posted a Youtube interview with Hansen he did in 2008. It is very remarkable Here it is, starting at the exact point I want to highlight:

In a section titled “Industry and inertia”, Hansen has this to say:

“The fossil fuel industry is doing fine. And they will continue to do fine, even if there is a limit in supply. In fact, that causes prices to go up and they make more money.”

And then he goes on to point out that politicians that are opposing climate change action are receiving a lot of campaign contributions from fossil fuel interests.

He said exactly that. He really did. This is one central point of the Phaseout Profit Theory, and Hansen understanding it is big news as far as I’m concerned.

But he got it only halfway through. If he understands that fossil fuel interests make more money with a limit of supply, why, oh why doesn’t he understand the simple consequence that they should be joining forces with him? It’s such a small step to understanding the situation correctly. And it would change the game so profoundly.

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