My Second Global Warming Science Fiction Novel “Tasneem”



The year is 2023. There are only three months left to peak out CO2 emissions. If humanity doesn’t make that final deadline, Earth will enter into runaway global meltdown.

Tasneem may be humanity’s last hope. Tasneem is the Jurassic plant. She has lived as a ginkgo tree for 187 million years. She issues TASNEEM’S THREAT: Stop burning my family’s bones, or else I will torture every single human living, make them burn in hell.

It is a severe threat. The stakes are high. Will humans finally change? Will they do so in time?

This is my second global warming science fiction novel, after “Great News” published one year earlier. It uses “Great News” as a back story, but is also intended as a standalone book.

Just as “Great News”, it presents a simple solution to global warming. That solution is discussed in some more detail here.

This book is an answer to Crichton’s “Jurassic Park” and “State of Fear”, especially the latter one.

As for “Jurassic Park”, in contrast to the danger of raptors running around and killing people, the danger of CO2 is very real. We are bringing back CO2 stored by plants in the Jurassic. That may very well fry the planet completely.

As for “State of Fear“, it is probably the most effective climate change denial book ever. And it paints climate activists as murderous villains. In contrast, my book has a fossil fuel investor as a villain, and that villain is very nasty.

FREE PDF file of the novel, released under a Creative Commons license:


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The “Indiefantastic” Blog has kindly reviewed this book (disclosure: I have paid a small fee of GBP 10 to the reviewer). The review has been favorable (5 stars) and has helped me improve the book. I have edited out some annoying repetitions based on the review and updated the PDF file above.

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