Computers Writing Books

I have not discussed copyright on this blog for some time. But here is an interesting article about computers writing books at Huffington Post.

The author describes several recent developments in automated authorship. There are already hundreds of thousands of books available for sale that were generated by computer software.

One aspect the author doesn’t discuss is copyright.

There is no copyright for something a computer writes. You need a human author for that.

That would seem to mean that if a computer came up with something of value in the marketplace, whoever operated that computer would need someone to pretend having written the book, if they want a copyright. They would also need to make sure that the real facts don’t come out.

Either way, they need an author for anything of commercial value. That author would be paid hush money for keeping the fact she didn’t write the book to herself.

Someone should write a book about that. Maybe a computer could do it.

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