Friends of the Supergrid

Over this article I found at the Reddit renewable energy community I just heard of the “Friends of the Supergrid” organization and website.

According to the article, they intend to spend about EUR 200 billion for high voltage direct current connections, with a view of balancing supply and demand in renewable electricity over a large area. As I just commented on Reddit, EUR 200 billion seems a large sum of money, until you realize that the EU is spending EUR 500 billion each year alone for oil imports. Lowering the fossil fuel import bill should save at least EUR 200 billion over a couple of decades.

The website is here, I just registered for e-mail alerts. They also have a Twitter account, which I followed just now:


Unfortunately, there is not much activity on that Twitter account, they have managed only 12 tweets over a couple of years.

Their website describes the project in one short sentence like this:

Friends of the Supergrid is a group of companies with a mutual interest in promoting the energy policy agenda for a European electricity supergrid

This is mainly an association of industry, somewhat like the Desertec industrial initiative.

I wonder if they have heard of Masayoshi Son’s “Asia Super Grid” idea. And I wonder if Masayoshi Son has heard about them.

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