How YOU Can Make $7.8 Million in Profit from Global Warming

Bloomberg Businessweek is looking at the various methods of making a profit from global warming. Thanks to this tweet by Bill McKibben for the link.

One of their examples is new land previously covered by glaciers, now open for mining companies for the first time. Another one is technology of dike building, and dealing with flooded areas. That particular line of business has seen a major boost by hurricane Sandy.

As the article closes: “It’s almost a natural growth market.”

Correct, except for the “almost” part.

I have been thinking myself about how to make some profit from global warming. The answer I came up with was inspired by Jules Verne, who wrote a book about “buying the North Pole”. Following the advice of the evil alien Khalmorot, under whose mind control I have been for the past year, I bought some stock in a German provider for Arctic drilling equipment. The beauty of that is that whoever owns the drilling rights, they will need more of the equipment once the ice is gone. I made $7.8 million on that bet following the announcement of much faster than expected Arctic ice retreat (the story of the decade), and so can you.

Except for the small detail that everything in the previous paragraph is pure fantasy, unfortunately with the exception of the part about the Arctic ice almost gone, which is quite real. Part of the plot of my global warming science fiction novel “Great News”.

It is true however that anyone can download a copy for FREE here.

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