German Government Unable to Find EUR 50 Million for Energy Storage Program

I am on the e-mail list of Green Party German Member of Parliament Hans-Josef Fell. Today’s mail explained that the CDU/FDP government is breaking promises made last year to the opposition parties when bringing changes of the Law on Priority for Renewable Energy through the Bundesrat (further reductions of solar tariffs and a cap on solar at 52 GW).

The government promised to introduce a modest EUR 50 million program to pay subsidies for the early adoption of energy storage technology. Think of a citizen with solar panels on his roof putting some battery or other in his basement, so as to use his own energy also after sunset.

That program was supposed to be available from January on. Its start was delayed, and now it seems as if the government can’t come up with those measly EUR 50 million.

The reason is that these subsidies were supposed to be paid from income from auctioning carbon permits. The prices for these permits have completely collapsed, so the funds for this subsidy program would need to come from somewhere else.

In related news, I am talking today at the Japanese Association for Study of German Constitutional Law about the decision of the German Constitutional Court of last September on the European Stability Mechanism.

That decision finally authorized payments of EUR 190.0248 billion from Germany to bail out other Euro area Member States.

No problem with coming up with that money, it seems.


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