Great German Failure

Supporters of nuclear energy that are opposed to renewable (my definition of the term “Fossil Nuke”) usually don’t have much reason to be happy. Most news is bad for their point of view. Japan switching off all the reactors. France’s government wanting to reduce the nuclear share. Germany phasing out its nuclear capacity.

As Barry Brook remarked in this video: “We are failing”.

Since they are opposed to the German phaseout, anything that makes it look as if Germany was failing is good news for them.

So the recent announcement of CO2 emissions in 2012 is a rare opportunity for them to rejoice in the fact that Germany actually increased the emissions from the energy sector by 3.3%. The absolute number is 11.6 million tons, which is about 1.25% of Germany’s 2012 emission total of 931.1 million tons. That means about 11.3826 tons per capita. That would have been 11.2408 tons per capita without that embarrassing increase, for a difference of 0.1418 tons per capita, or 141 kilogram and 800 grams.

Now just to be clear, I don’t think that anybody is actually celebrating Germany failing. This is just another opportunity to point out that the Fossil Nukes need to root for failure of the energy transition, since having Germany succeed would remove the necessity of their preferred option of playing with plutonium.

And to be just as clear, I think it actually is a serious German failure to record any increase in CO2 emissions. This is even more serious than failing to win the FIFA World Cup for five times in a row.

But the consequence obviously won’t be for Germany to reconsider the nuclear phaseout. If your strategy to get climate change under control needs that to happen, then that strategy has zero chance of success.

The consequence needs to be to double the efforts in getting renewable deployed even faster. This is not the time to discuss “brakes” of any kind, as German environment minister Altmaier presently does.

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2 thoughts on “Great German Failure

  1. Good thing about the nukes:
    they do not deny global warming.
    Bad for big oil and gas.
    Germany should ban fracking.
    Cheep gas is no solution to GW


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