Great News: Berlin’s Grunewald District Will Survive 60 Meter Sea Level Rise

I recall having blogged recently about the great news that Tokyo won’t get submerged completely by the coming 60 meter sea level rise, but Chiyoda will remain as an island, which is good because the Imperial Palace won’t go down.

Now I had a look at what will happen to the German capital, Berlin, where I spent most of my high school years. Again, I used the tool available to map sea level rise over Google Maps available here.

And again, I found good news. It turns out that at 60 meter sea level rise, Berlin won’t sink completely as well. There will be some small parts left as islands, mostly containing the Grunewald area.

That’s good, because these are mainly forest areas, which will help reducing CO2 in the atmosphere.

On the other hand, all the areas where the government is located will be under water. I wonder if the cost of that happening might be higher than the ONE TRILLION EURO Environment minister Altmaier recently estimated for the cost of the feed-in tariff system.


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