Not Much Arctic Ice Left

Joe Romm thinks this is “the story of the decade” and reports that Arctic ice levels have collapsed in only a couple of decades to only one fifth of 1980 records.

I rarely post on global warming as such here, since it is clear to anyone remotely paying attention that the problem is real, is serious, and is urgent.

But I agree with Romm that this particular story is important, and needs attention.

The deceptive thing about this is that you can get that data only by looking how thick the ice is, as opposed to looking only at the area covered. That is more difficult and has not been done until recently. Much of the damage has been done under cover of the ice above, in stealth mode. The same is true of much of global warming. Humanity is are locking in damages for thousands of years to come, while not experiencing the harsh consequences until much later, when it may be too late to do anything about the problem because global warming is out of control on a positive feed-back loop.

When I was writing my global warming science fiction novel “Great News” last year, I had an ice-free Arctic as part of the plot. Back then I assumed that this would still be in the future for quite some time. I may have been wrong. If so, future readers will be confused, since for them an ice-free Arctic will be all they know.

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